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International and Comparative Law Review

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The Boston College International & Comparative Law Review is one of approximately 30 law reviews in the United States that focus on international legal issues, and one of only two that publishes an annual survey of European Union law. The Review publishes two issues annually. The spring issue usually consists of two articles by outside authors and four student pieces. International and Comparative's scope is expansive and the Review pursues articles that address a variety of international and comparative law issues such as human rights, cross-border environmental disputes, arms control, covert action, international investment, International Court of Justice jurisdiction, and terrorism, to name only a few. Because a growing number of domestic policy issues have international implications, these areas of international law are becoming increasingly important to U.S. practitioners.

The winter issue is a survey and contains articles (written by outside and student authors) that focus on the rapid evolution of the European Union--that confederation of nations established by treaty that attempts to create a truly common market where goods, labor, and services travel freely across international borders. In light of this goal, the EU recently committed to passing nearly 300 directives within the near future. These directives address such policy areas as banking, currency convertibility, monetary policy, finance, intellectual property rights, environmental reform, and even beer and pasta purity standards. Rapid development in these areas is of vital concern to U.S. practitioners advising clients who conduct business in Europe, and to the academic community which is closely monitoring these developments.

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John Gordon, Manager for Law Review Publications, provides technical assistance, guidance and typesetting for the reviews. General review information or questions regarding article submissions, permission to reprint, subscription information, and purchasing back issues may be directed to Mr. Gordon at the following: telephone (617) 552-8557; fax (617) 552-4098; or email Submission information for the Reviews can also be found on the submissions page.

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