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Fall 2006

Bapst Art Library – A Quiet Retreat

By Adeane Bregman

Bapst is known as the “quiet” library and all it takes is to stand in the middle of Gargan Hall under the carved wood ceilings and towering stained glass panels to feel the studious nature of this very special room.

The original tables and chairs are still in place, welcoming back alums and providing current scholars room to set up their laptops, or spread out their books and notes. It has been reported that “students feel much smarter” at Bapst, but there haven’t been any scientific studies to correlate student grades to where they study on campus!

If you are new to campus or even if your not, many students have yet to discover the serious and inspirational atmosphere of the Bapst Art Library.

The Bapst Library was one of the original buildings on campus and served as the main library from 1928 to 1984, when the Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill Library was opened. Bapst then underwent many months of renovations and was redesigned as two separate libraries under one roof, the John J Burns Library of Rare Books and Special Collections and the Bapst Library, currently the location of the Libraries resources for Fine Arts, Architecture and Photography.

The Bapst Library is open until midnight, Sunday through Thursday, and until 5:00pm on Friday and Saturday. During finals Gargan Hall is open 24 hours a day and a proposal to expand 24 hour study throughout the semester is being explored.

Adeane Bregman is the Head Librarian for Bapst Art Library.

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