Meet Jackie
Student assistant in O’Neill Library
By Jacquelyn-My Do
Jackie-My Do

Photo by Kevin Tringale

I have worked at O’Neill Library for the past 3 years. I started working in the Media Center my sophomore year and now I also work at the Tech Center. I really have enjoyed working in the library because of the quiet atmosphere while being behind-the-scenes and getting to know the library staff better. It has been a great learning process and I am able to help not only students but professors and staff too!

I am a senior here at Boston College majoring in Sociology with a minor in Theology. My hometown is West Palm Beach, Florida where it is much sunnier and warmer than Boston. However, I really love Boston and I am glad I came to BC! I am involved in a few organizations on campus, including the Vietnamese Students’ Association and more recently as a Health Coach for the Office of Health Promotion. I have been applying to graduate schools in order to earn my Masters in Public Health degree after graduation. I am happy to have found a way to connect my Sociology major with health because it has been something I have always been interested in.

This semester, I am working at the O’Neill Library Tech Center twice a week. This job always keeps me on my feet since students are always coming in and out trying to print out their papers. The Tech Center has four printers that can print double-sided and in larger volumes. There are usually students forming a line to print starting as early as 9am! This year especially has been interesting because it seems like more students are printing which means we order tons of paper to keep up with the demand. Additionally, the Tech Center students are responsible for the copiers, scanners, and FAX machine that we have on the third floor of O’Neill. Our department has worked really hard to make sure that students have enough resources to print, e-mail, and FAX their important documents. My favorite machine that the Tech Center has is the new Book-Eye scanner located across from the regular printers. We received it over the summer and it has been quite popular. BC patrons can scan their textbooks, papers, and other documents with ease and then have it sent directly to their e-mail. It’s so cool and scans super-fast..

My experience working at the Tech Center has been a positive one. I am really grateful to work at such great departments for O’Neill Library. The BC Libraries’ staff has been so helpful and make sure that students’ needs are met. It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that I won’t be working at the library anymore after I graduate. Working at both the Tech Center and the Media Center have been a rewarding experiences. I highly recommend finding a job at the library! It’s a great place to work with some amazing people.

Jackie-My Do, Sociology with a minor in Theology ‘12