Answers@BC: Instant Answers to Common Questions
From the Boston College Libraries
By Ken Liss

Do you have a question about library services at Boston College?

Get instant answers from Answers@BC.

Type a question or some keywords into the Ask Us! search box on the Libraries' home page or at to find an answer in our FAQs.

Answers@BC is a smart system that will link you to answers matching key terms in your question—sometimes even before you finish typing it.

Answers at BC

The Ask Us! box on the Boston College Libraries home page connects students, faculty, staff, and visitors to frequently asked questions about library services.

If you don’t find the information you need, you’ll be able to submit your question and get an answer by e-mail from library staff. (This also helps us build our list of FAQs.) You can also browse questions and answers by topic from the main Answers@BC page.

Answers at BC

There are other ways to get help, too, of course, and both the home page and the Answers@BC page offer several of these, including Text a Librarian, a 24/7 Ask A Librarian chat service (shared with other Jesuit colleges and universities), and telephone reference.

Give Answers@BC a try and let us know what you think.

Ken Liss, Coordinator, Digital User Services