Perfect Harmony
Burns Library Irish Music Center's YouTube Channel
By Jack Kearney & Elizabeth Sweeney

Séamus Connolly, Sullivan
photo by Bachrach Studio

On August 1st 2012, the Irish Music Center (IMC) at the John J. Burns Library launched the BurnsLibraryIMC channel on YouTube to showcase recordings of traditional music and dance from the Gaelic Roots Music, Song, Dance, Workshop, and Lecture Series, including selected student performances. In keeping with the Irish Music Center's mission of documenting Irish traditional music in America, IMC staff work closely with Gaelic Roots Series Director Séamus Connolly, Sullivan Artist-in-Residence, in organizing and recording these events. Visiting performers give their express consent for the creation of live audio and video recordings to be deposited in the Burns Library Irish Music Archives at Boston College.

The selected clips on the channel are but a sampling of the many full-length event recordings on DVD and CD that are available to the public for viewing and listening in the Burns Library Reading Room. A full inventory of the accessible Gaelic Roots recordings is available under the "Archives" tab of the Irish Music Research Guide, the link to which is also included in the right-hand column on the BurnsLibraryIMC channel's homepage, as seen above.

For information about more Irish music collections in the Burns and O'Neill Libraries, please e-mail or call 617-552-3956.

Jack Kearney, Audiovisual Archives Assistant, John J. Burns Library and
Elizabeth Sweeney, Irish Music Librarian, John J. Burns Library

Cover photo of Áine Minogue by Jack Kearney