Level One Gallery: A Study in Creativity in O'Neill Library

By Margie Battaglia and Kevin Tringale

If you haven't discovered it by now, step into the Level One Gallery in O'Neill Library. It's a quiet study space on level 1 that doubles as a gallery for displaying the creativity of the BC community. Level One Gallery opened in the fall of 2009 and has held a variety of exhibitions ever since.

Mind Often Wanders

Mind Often Wanders exhibit Mar - Apr '11
Photo by Kevin Tringale

The original idea to have a gallery in O'Neill Library that exhibits artwork came from senior reference assistant Kevin Tringale. He observed over the years that there were very few exhibition spaces here on campus for the various clubs and organizations of the BC community to display their creative work. And the Level One Gallery was born.

The recent exhibition ending March 24 by the Art Club is The Mind Often Wanders: A Floating Show. It is fairly unique in that the artwork displayed is hanging from the ceiling rather than on the walls. Here is the statement released by the Art Club regarding the show, "The concept behind The Mind Often Wanders was to create a 'dream space' out of what is normally regarded as a sterile 'think space' - a library. The Art Club wanted students to be reminded of the fact that intellectual stimulation need not negate the wandering of the mind. We sought to create a space to contemplate, to dream, to allow the mind to wander. Ours is a space where curiosity roams free."

With each successive exhibition, the interest and recognition of the Level One Gallery is growing. The Boston College Libraries have always fully supported the arts on campus as evidenced by the 2004 opening of the Bapst Student Art Gallery--this is an extension of that.


Reception for the Mind Often Wanders exhibit Mar - Apr '11
Photo by Kevin Tringale

Current students, alumni, faculty members, and Boston College staff are encouraged to submit exhibition proposals. Upcoming exhibitions include: a photography show sponsored by a collaborative of UGBC/Women's Resource Center (WRC); a show of artwork from the staff of Stylus, Boston College's literary and arts magazine; and a photography show by the Arts and Social Responsibility Project; as well as other planned exhibitions.

Check out the Level One Gallery homepage and view an archive of past exhibitions.

Have an idea for an exhibit? Contact Kevin Tringale or fill out an Exhibit Proposal form.

Margie Battaglia, Head Librarian, Access Services, O'Neill Library

Kevin Tringale, Senior Reference Assistant, O'Neill Library