Technology Support Center Consolidates Services in O'Neill

By Margie Battaglia

The Libraries are committed to providing convenient, effective and quality resources in a supportive environment. As part of that commitment, the majority of the library's technology equipment that was previously scattered throughout the building was relocated to a redesigned space known as the Technology Support Center (TSC) located adjacent to the atrium on the main level of O'Neill. Over the summer, shelving was removed from the area and a service desk installed, creating a vibrant, convenient new facility designed primarily for student use.

Perhaps the best feature of the new Center is the help available. The Center is staffed by students during most of the hours the O'Neill Library is open. Trained student employees are available to provide basic computer support and help in using the other technology resources in the Center.

Technology Support Center

Technology Support Center
Photo by Kevin Tringale


A variety of scanners can be found in the area - flatbed and overhead. The flatbed scanners are attached to PCs that provide traditional office software together with scanning software. BC students, faculty, and staff may use the scanners located in all libraries by logging on with an active username and password. There is no charge to use the scanner; scanned material can be sent to an email account, saved on a flash drive, or sent to a printer.

Color Printing

Prints can be made from a flash drive or from the web for $1.00/page, and the fee is charged to your university student account. Cash is not accepted.

Fax machine

Who uses a fax machine anymore? Apparently many students do - the machine gets heavy use. The fax machine in the Center can be used for outgoing transmissions by any member of the BC community. There is no charge for this service.


You can use your Eagle Bucks account to make photocopies. Copies using Eagle Bucks cost $.10 per copy. Guests and those without Eagle Bucks funds can buy cards from a vending machine at $5 each. Copies made with a vended card cost $.20 per copy.


Printers and print release stations are available in the Center. These stations are available to students with Eagle Buck accounts.

Margie Battaglia, Head Librarian, Access Services, O'Neill Library