Taking Care of Business: Preparing for Your Job Search in the Corporate World

By Claire O'Leary

You're finally graduating and it is time to get a job. Or maybe you're just looking for summer employment. You've probably already contacted, or at least thought about contacting Boston College's amazing Career Center. But wait---did you also remember to use the library? Yes, that's right; if you're looking for a job the O'Neill Library has resources that can greatly improve your search.

The best place to start is the Help by Subject: Business & Management library web page. It contains a list of many business and management databases and research guides that will be invaluable in finding both company and industry information. Two guides that you won't want to miss are: Company Information and Industry Information. For very targeted, industry specific resources there are guides on: Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, Management Consulting, and Nonprofits.

Job Search

The Company Information guide is replete with tips on finding company profiles, competitors, rankings, financials and company news. The Industry Information guide offers suggestions for resources on industry overviews, trends and forecasts, companies in an industry, market share, rankings and industry news. Some of the databases you won't want to miss include:

  • Factiva Use this database for the most current U.S. and global newspapers, journals, newswires and transcripts. Get the latest news on a company, industry or product. Find out what the media is saying about a CEO of a company.
  • Business Source Complete Access the full-text of leading trade journals and get the latest information that caters to a specific industry.
  • Corporate Affiliations Try this database for the current names of people working at companies. It includes contact information for many personnel, besides the top management, by job function. Find sales directors, plant managers, HR personnel and others.

There are also other specialized directories that you might want to explore that are focused on specific industries such as banking, manufacturing and the services sector. If you are interested in locating U. S. companies with offices abroad, try:

Hope you find these resources helpful and good luck with your job search. Whatever work you choose, remember some advice from Martin Luther King, Jr. "Whatever your life's work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better."

Claire O'Leary, Sr. Business & Management Reference Librarian/Bibliographer, O'Neill Library