First Face You See in O'Neill Library

By Kevin Tringale


Chances are when you come into the O'Neill Library the first face you see is security guard Connie Marks. You often may not even notice her but she notices you. Marks has been working for BC Security for almost 7 years. You can find her on duty Monday through Friday 2-6pm. Originally from Greece, Marks came to the U.S. as a young teen in 1956. She and her husband live in a Boston suburb where she raised 2 children now adults.

A typical work day for Marks includes staffing the Security Desk at the entrance to O'Neill Library as well as making the rounds by walking throughout the library checking on things. She may have to ask students to keep the volume level of their talking down so as to not disturb others or she may have to remind some to keep an eye on their valuables and not leave them unattended. If the security alarm goes off while she is at the Security Desk Marks will question the student as to what they may have in their bag or backpack that set the alarm off. Sometimes it's an attempted theft but often it's a mistake such as an outside book or video from another place. Other times it may be that someone forgot to charge out a book at the Circulation Desk. But if anything ever gets out of hand a call to Campus Police is in order.

During exam time at the end of each semester O'Neill Library has "Restricted Access" after 5pm and Marks checks for anyone entering to have a valid BC ID.

There are times Marks has to deal with indignant students when she enforces library policy on use of cell phones and food and drink, but for the most part Marks enjoys her work. Marks points out that one of the most enjoyable parts of her job is the relationships she has established with students that take the time to engage her in conversation when they aren't focused on class work or deadlines. Most students are respectful and usually say "Hi!" when entering the library. In fact Marks has gotten to know many familiar faces over the years. She's observed that there are more international students than ever; something she can appreciate being foreign-born herself.

O'Neill Library staff is always greeted with her smile and feel that she is an important part of the library. We can count on her to brighten our day when we see her at the entrance.

Kevin Tringale, Senior Reference Assistant, O'Neill Library                                                          Photo by Kevin Tringale