What’s Happening?

RampO’Neill Entrance
The project to make the entrance to the O’Neill building more accessible has taken the entire winter. With the arrival of Spring, a new ramp is in place and the railings installed. The last improvement will be the installation of a bench beneath the new magnolia shrubs.

O’Neill Lobby Digital TV
What's with the 40 inch LCD screen in the O'Neill Library circulation desk area? This screen is part of the libraries marketing plan to deliver information on services, staff, and collections in innovative ways. We are also interested in displaying news and events of an academic nature: lectures, workshops, training opportunities.  Contact Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah  about this service and how you might be able to use it for publicizing events on campus.

Current Exhibit

Passionate Students, Compassionate Care: A Legacy of Caring, Education & Research is an exhibit celebrating 60 years of the School of Nursing at Boston College. The exhibit traces the roots of the Jesuit healing ministries and the inspiration these provided when Archbishop Richard Cushing requested that Boston College begin a School of Nursing.  Founded in 1947 on the principles of “caring compassionate service and commitment to education and research”.  The school has grown and developed and its Masters programs are currently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as 19th in the USA.  The contributions of Mary Pekarski, founder of the original Nursing Library in Cushing Hall, are extolled throughout the history of the Boston College Connell School of Nursing. The O’Neill Lobby Exhibit will run through May 15.

Unlocking the Libraries
Do you need a quick overview of searching Quest, the library catalog? How about assistance using RefWorks to create bibliographies? Or perhaps a little help just beginning research using the wealth of resources the Libraries have to offer?

Stop by O’Neill Library for a 30 minute drop-in session on various research-related topics throughout the semester! Dates and timse available at http://events.bc.edu/libraries.

Tip O’Neill Quiz Answers

  • Tip was good at “tipping” the ball into the basket while playing basketball.
  • Tip’s 10-year term as Speaker was the longest consecutive run, but not the longest total years.  Joseph Cannon and Sam Rayburn held the Speaker’s office longer.
  • The only other person who was speaker of both a state legislature and the national House was Sam Rayburn of Texas.


Photo: Kevin Tringale