The O’Neill Library Media Center:
Things You Didn’t Know About It

By Julie Decesare

  • Located on Level 2 of the Thomas P. O’Neill Library.  Check online hours for more details. You can speak to a person by calling 2-4466 or sending a message to .
  • Houses a collection of over 16,000 DVDs, videos, CDs, LPs, audio books, and laserdiscs including documentaries, feature films, television shows, and music in a wide range of genres.
  • Items circulate to any member of the BC community.  A portion of the VHS/DVD collection is for Faculty Loan Only, so it has limited circulation.   We do charge late fees and replacement fees for damaged items!  Items on reserve for courses do not circulate, but can be viewed or listened to in the Media Center.
  • Has a wide range of equipment available for use including several Dell PCs, a scanner for individual or batch scans, several iMac G5s, in addition to a range of audio visual equipment to view items from the collection.  A small production/screening space that students can book ahead of time for group and class projects is also available.  
  • Has a Listening Room - a quiet space to concentrate when listening to or writing about music.  If you are interested in using it, just ask.
  • Has a knowledgeable staff that can provide recommendations and impromptu reviews, or show you how to find more information about a title.  We are always looking for suggestions for the collection and feedback for the services we provide.

  • Has a Streamed Film Collection available to members of the BC community.  The Streamed Film Collection holds full-length films from educational media vendors.  Each film is streamed as a Real Media file through the BC Digital Collections.  These online films are available only to the Boston College community and need a BC username and password to access the collection.  Right now, we have 17 titles available, but we expect the collection to grow quickly in the upcoming months.
  • Hosts Sunday night screenings throughout the semester.  For two hours every other Sunday, the Media Center will showcase selected documentaries we own. The screenings are free and open to the BC community.  All screenings will be held in O’Neill 211 at 6 PM. Check calendar for specifics.

Julie DecesareJulie Decesare is the Digital Media Librarian