Fall 2007

By Night, Resident Assistant
By Day, Library Assistant

Gwen TindallGwen, a senior Environmental Geo-Science major, came to campus three years ago because she believed that BC’s focus on student life and formation suited her just right. From Whitman, Massachusetts, she is the first in her family to attend Boston College. Gwen began working in the O’Neill Library in January of her first year on campus and then combined that job with a resident assistant position on the Newton Campus when she was a junior. Now as she enters her senior year, she has learned to successfully juggle her studies with two jobs.

During the day you may find Gwen anywhere in the O’Neill Library. Her stacks maintenance responsibilities take her throughout the library, shelving books and generally keeping the library collections in good shape. She is indispensable behind the counter in the Document Services Center on the main floor of the library as well. Over the last three years, she has learned to provide all types of imaging services to a wide range of users. Gwen especially enjoys the contact with library users both the areas she works in provide, but she also likes being immersed in the library environment.

Gwen Tindall and FriendsResident assistants are full-time students who live in the residence halls. Gwen works and lives in the Keyes South dormitory on the Newton Campus where she provides guidance, support and coordination of educational and social programs for approximately 33 freshmen women each year. As a senior, Gwen will be a valuable resource for the new students living in Keyes South.

When graduation comes around, Gwen will be headed to work or graduate school – she is still deciding what path to take. In the back of her mind is the idea that she might go to library school and become a librarian.

Margie FielsMargie Fiels, Head, Access Services, O'Neill Library


Photo, top right: Kevin Tringale