Fall 2007


VotingClinton, Giuliani, Obama, Romney, McCain, Thompson (and the list goes on…Bloomberg?) – do the names sound familiar?  Yep, we’re in presidential election season, and the contenders are out in force.  It’s only fall 2007 you may ask?  True.  But with the competition among the states to push their primaries up on the calendar -- to compete with New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina for the national spotlight and voice -- the time-frame is very compressed.  So, if you haven’t already, register to vote! Your state’s primary is right around the corner.

For information about the political process, current candidates, past presidents, and more take a look at the selected Boston College Libraries’ databases and public web sites highlighted below:

  • Explore CQ Voting and Elections for a candidate’s history of running for and holding elected office (presidential, gubernatorial or congressional).

  • Feeling a little nosy about a Senator’s or Congressperson’s (and current presidential candidate) personal finances?  Explore LexisNexis Congressional (under Members & Committees) for financial disclosures.

  • Want to see transcripts from recent interviews with Barak Obama? Search LexisNexis Academic (under News and Transcripts).

  • Go to National Journal Group’s Policy Central to view the latest political advertisements.

  • Looking for a scholarly journal article about the impact of electronic voting machines, perhaps? Explore PAIS International and Worldwide Political Science Abstracts.

  • Polling the Nations is a good source for polling data – go to elections from the pull-down menu.

  • Check out books by candidates. Search Quest, our online catalog, and you will find that we own Why Courage Matters by John McCain and Living History by Hillary Clinton.

  • Want to see what newspapers from the last 60 days are saying about Mitt Romney in New Zealand, Mexico or Knoxville? Explore Press Display Daily

  • Are you a Teddy Roosevelt fan? Take a look at the Washington Post, 1877-1991 for articles from his presidency (1901-1909).

  • Want more resources? Visit the web sites below:
    • Out of the University of California at Santa Barbara the American Presidency Project provides access to over 75,000 documents relating to the study of the presidency. This site also includes multimedia.
    • Founded by John Gardner in 1970, Common Cause is a not-for-profit that supports accountable government.
    • Curious about the top political donors by industry – visit Open Secrets.
    • U.S. News & World Report says, “Project Vote Smart would make the Founders weep with joy.”
    • RealClear Politics has an outstanding clearinghouse of the latest political polls.

Leslie HomzieLeslie Homzie is the librarian for History & Political Science.