6th Annual GIS Mapping Contest

GIS Poster

Celebrating the 6th Annual Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Contest at Boston College, University Librarian Tom Wall awarded gift certificates as prizes to graduate and undergraduate authors of winning GIS posters on April 22nd in the O'Neill Lobby. The winning posters will be proudly displayed on the 2nd floor of the O'Neill Library. Judging was based on map quality, use of GIS as a research tool and originality, with special notice given to posters addressing social issues.

This year's winners used GIS to tackle social issues such as child poverty, climate change, social justice and food insecurity. Current and past winning posters can be found in the university Institutional Repository, eScholarship@BC under the category Juried Student Work.

The goal of the GIS contest is to highlight current GIS research on campus, with this year's entries representing subjects across the sciences and social sciences. Faculty and students are also developing maps with a new internet tool, ArcGIS Online, an ESRI mapping platform. GIS research can be distributed via web based maps with ArcGIS Online, similar to Harvard's open access WorldMap used by one of this year's winners.

The last few years have witnessed a growth of GIS use on campus, notably by campus facilities, IT, police and other BC offices, for resource and project management and analysis. A campus GIS Roundtable was established to develop shared campus related maps and data and to promote training of GIS use across campus offices.

For more information about GIS data and services at Boston College please contact: Barbara Mento, Data/GIS Librarian or visit our research guide: Finding Spatial Data for Mapping (GIS).

Winning Posters
The first place awards of a $100 Amazon Gift Card went to:

  • David Beutel, EESC - Geology, graduate prize: "Groundwater Monitoring in an Aquifer Contaminated by Road Salt".
  • Stephen Loverde, A&S 2015 in Environmental Geoscience, undergraduate prize: "Reducing Food Insecurity: Revitalizing Farmers' Markets in the United States".

The second place award of a $50 Amazon Gift Card, went to:

  • Shaun Glaze, Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology, graduate prize: "Mapping Justice in East Boston and Revere".
  • Catherine Goldberg, A&S 2016 in Geological Sciences, undergraduate prize: "Climate Change in Massachusetts".

The third place award of a $25 Amazon Gift Card went to:

  • Alexa Villalobos, MBA/Carroll School of Management, graduate prize: "Determining Promising Locations for Team Impact New Offices".
  • Elissa Knight, A&S 2015, Environmental Geoscience and Sociology, undergraduate prize: "Child Poverty in the United States".


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Sally Wyman
Collection Development Librarian
O'Neill Library

Book Review by Fr. P. S. Kiley, S.J.

Edward Stourton. Paul of Tarsus: A Visionary Life (Paulist Press, 2005).

Paul of Tarsus: A Visionary Life cover

Stourton, a BBC journalist, has produced a program on the Catholic Church and narratives to accompany the series. His book, which began as a physical journey, has become an intellectual exploration of the apostle's legacy, tracing the ministry and activity of this extraordinary apostle. In the tradition of H.B. Morton, Stourton attempts to understand Paul as a man of his time and an unlikely hero of the 21st century. He provides a lively report and candid reflections on the political themes of the day. He sees the Damascus event as not only an encounter with Christ and a conversion, but also an ongoing transformation. Paul receives a mission to preach the gospel that proves effective from Antioch to the ends of the Roman Empire.

Paul's influence is traced in such diverse chapters as Paul the Jew, Convert, Christian, Missionary, Divider, Moralist, Man of Two Worlds, and Mythmaker. The time Stourton spends with the missionary Paul makes his zeal and enterprise evident. He observes that the Pauline writings can be read as biography, social history, diary, and travelogue. He finds the Lucan account of his conversion true, imaginative, albeit misleading: in the words of the Anglican scholar N. T. Wright, "there is much more that can be said about the conversion of Paul and its relation to his wider theology."

This book lets Stourton's journalistic instincts and assumptions prevail. He may have intended an interesting text or subtext for a TV documentary, but this book should be supplemented by Wright's study of Paul in Fresh Perspective (Fortress Press, 2005).

Philip S. Kiley, S.J.
Archives, Burns Library