FALL 2014

Law Library's Daniel R. Coquillette
Rare Book Room

Law in Postcards

Come visit the Law in Postcards exhibit while it's still on display, and grab a bookmark and catalog! The exhibit will remain on display through the end of February, but time is ticking away. This exhibit features postcards and trade cards that involve depictions of the law in one form or another—serious, humorous, nostalgic, whimsical, and sometimes puzzling! The cards were a gift from Michael H. Hoeflich, John H. & John M. Kane Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Kansas School of Law. Also take a look at the exhibit website.

Next up? Keep an eye out for an exhibit on the Magna Carta and Norman law materials. This exhibit is currently in the works and will be mounted in March and on display through the summer. It will coincide with the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215!

Laurel E. Davis
Legal Information Librarian &
Lecturer in Law/Curator of Rare Books
Boston College Law Library

Therapy Dogs Visit BC Law Library

As the semester comes to an end the stress of the final exam period begins to build. In an effort to help the students relieve some of their pre-exam stress and provide an enjoyable study break, the BC Law Library arranged for 3 therapy dogs to visit with students. Therapy dogs help to lower anxiety, provide relaxation, and release calming endorphins.

Photo Credit: Patricia Dickerson Photo Credit: Patricia Dickerson

The law library utilized therapy dogs from two of the most reputable organizations, Dog B.O.N.E.S and Therapy Dogs International. These non-profit organizations ensure that the dogs provided are well trained, obedient, and affectionate.

The therapy dogs visited the law library on December 2nd and 3rd. During the visit the students were able to interact with the dogs while enjoying light and fun conversations with the handlers.

Photo Credit: Patricia Dickerson Photo Credit: Patricia Dickerson

This is the second semester that we have utilized therapy dogs and we have found it to be a wonderful program for our students.

Greggory Wahhab
Library & Technology Services
Boston College Law Library

One Story Draws Another
Staff Selections From the Irish Collections at the Burns Library

January 26th - May 8th, 2015

One Story Draws Another Event Poster

Scéal a tharraingíonn scéal. Just as the Burns Library's iconic Ford Tower evokes the tower of Ballylee Castle, which Irish poet W. B. Yeats purchased, restored, and celebrated in the popular anthology of his verse depicted in our exhibit poster, so does one story draw another, as the Irish proverb goes. As staff in the Burns Library, we frequently find ourselves exploring connections behind our rare book and manuscript collections in just this way. When we pull at their narrative threads, we often discover a web of related materials. Following the stories we uncover leads us on to more stories. When we share these stories with our researchers, they in turn share their discoveries with us. When we share these stories with our researchers, they in turn share their discoveries with us. As the Irish proverb goes, scéal a tharraingíonn scéalor one story draws another.

There are many such stories in the Irish collections, which are the most frequently consulted materials in the Burns Library. Whether a book, a manuscript, a broadside, a letter, or a musical instrument, each component of the Irish collections offers an opportunity to learn more about the history, literature, and culture of Ireland and Irish America.

The exhibit is divided into four sections: Irish-American Fine Press Books, Irish Traditional Music, Irish-American History in Boston, and Irish Literature. Beginning in March, the exhibit will also feature a fifth section highlighting published scholarship that utilizes research materials from the Burns Library's Irish collections.

To view a slideshow of materials included in this exhibit, visit the Burns blog.

Christian Dupont
Burns Librarian & Associate University Librarian,
Burns Library

10 years of AJCU's "AskaLibrarian24/7"

Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities logo

Twenty members of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) came together ten years ago to form a consortium whose mission is to provide point-of-need, high quality, online virtual reference chat service to students, faculty, and staff of all participating Jesuit institutions based upon each institution's academic and research needs grounded in their common shared Jesuit/Catholic values.

The AJCU's "AskaLibrarian24/7" Online Virtual Reference Chat Service enhances traditional reference service that participating AJCU schools provide to their own schools, with one major distinction - each institution provides this service to all schools, not just their own, by contributing 2-8 hours online reference help each week to all schools based upon the size of each school. Additionally, we monitor more hours on our own to provide virtual chat reference service to our own users.

Librarians from AJCU institutions work with a software provider, currently LibraryH3lp.com/Chatstaff. This organization provides back-up librarians help 24/7 in addition to covering hours from midnight to 9am on weekdays, many weekend hours, during holidays and summer time. We also use their software to provide text service to our own users.

A great advantage of the online virtual reference chat service is the ability to transfer/forward live links, transcripts, texts, and more to our users. Personal information is confidential and cannot be shared unless specifically requested and provided by a user for follow-up help.

Each school ensures quality control and consistency of the virtual/online reference chat service parallel to in-person reference service.

Happy AJCU's "AskaLibrarian24/7" Virtual Reference Service anniversary!

Syed Khan
Reference & Instructional Services Librarian,
O'Neill Library

Checkout Audiobooks on OverDrive
Enjoy eBooks and audiobooks Anytime, Anywhere


Want a good book for a long car ride? Like to listen to fiction while working out at the Plex? Check out the new audiobooks in the BC OverDrive collection: http://bc.lib.overdrive.com

We are now adding audiobooks to this collection of popular eBooks. BC OverDrive has hundreds of eBooks and a growing list of audiobooks. Fiction and non-fiction books are selected from The New York Times Bestseller List, other award sites, and from recommendations.

Use your BC username and password to download books to your computer or mobile device. All major computers and devices are supported, including iPhone, iPad, Nook, Android phones and tablets, and Kindle. Checkouts run from 7 to 21 days.

To get started enjoying BC OverDrive, visit http://bc.lib.overdrive.com Tell us what you would like to read or listen to.  Send your suggestions to Theresa Lyman, theresa.lyman@bc.edu 


Theresa Lyman
Collections Analyst & Systems Librarian