FALL 2015

From the University Librarian's Corner

Welcome from the Boston College Libraries! To begin the new year I'd like to reiterate a few of the ways we hope to be adding value to your BC academic experience.

We in the Libraries are committed to providing you with the highest level of scholarly support and resources, from our expertise and assistance in your use of library facilities and services to the many collections and unique materials found throughout our eight libraries and through our online offerings.

We offer skilled reference, instructional and research services both in-person and virtually, including in-depth individual consultations. Our subject specialists are willing and able partners in your scholarly pursuits. We are particularly eager to work with students, in class, the library or virtually to assist them in their assignments, from finding relevant material to creating academic assignments.

We are committed to making the Libraries a welcoming and responsive environment for all, faculty, students, and visitors. We offer study and meeting space, as well as digital support and specialized computer applications and equipment. Our new Library Digital Studio on Level Two in O'Neill Library provides support for high-end projects and digital scholarship. The Burns Library provides access to unique and special content, as do our special libraries. And, if you can't find it here at BC we will do whatever we can to obtain it from somewhere else in a timely fashion.

We collaborate widely across the University; we welcome ideas and suggestions for new initiatives and projects, from traditional teaching to digital scholarship. If you have ideas, please explore how we can help, as partners, facilitators and/or instructors.

Your input will always be valued and utilized to help us better serve you. I continue to meet with a variety of user groups, including undergraduates, graduates, and the Faculty Advisory Committee. BC Libraries are not simply repositories for books. We are collectively committed to being an essential component of your academic life.

Wishing you great success,

Tom Wall, Ph.D.
University Librarian