FALL 2015

Stories of Collaboration

Every year, for New Faculty Orientation, we think about how to convey the breadth and value of our collaborations with faculty; the ways we provide "Value Beyond Discovery". This year we decided to let the current faculty (and one undergraduate) tell them. We pulled quotes from emails and solicited them from faculty with whom we have developed close working relationships. In each case librarians have partnered with faculty to facilitate and enhance their scholarship or to increase its visibility and impact.

The flyer highlights success stories in digital scholarship, open-access publishing, the faculty publication highlights program, GIS and data visualization, instruction, and the use of special collections. There were too many to fit on one flyer, but as you read the ones we chose to highlight for your new colleagues, think about how we might collaborate with you and support you in your research and teaching process. Then let your subject librarian know!

Scan of the new faculty newsletter, page 1 Scan of the new faculty newsletter, page 2
Jane Morris
Head Librarian
Scholarly Communications and Research