Boston College Tree Inventory Data Deposited in eScholarship@BC

The most recent addition to the Boston College Data Archive, called Boston College Tree Inventory Data, has been deposited by Principal Investigators Colleen Hitchcock, BC Biology Department, Deirdre Manning, former BC Director of Sustainability and Energy and Kevin Keegan, College of Arts and Sciences, 2010. It is worth noting that Kevin Keegan won first prize in the inaugural GIS contest in 2010 based on this data. His poster is also deposited in eScholarship@BC.

The Boston College Tree Inventory Data project set out to inventory all trees contained within its three campuses: Newton, Chestnut Hill, and Brighton. This student-collected project was implemented from 2008 to 2010 and currently is comprised of an inventory of 5,133 individual trees representing 98 species on the Brighton and Chestnut Hill campuses at that time. The goal of the project was for students to identify the locations of the trees, genus, species, physical descriptions (such as height, diameter, health factors) and possible conflict or risk factors over a period of time. Initiated with the primary objective of calculating BC's carbon footprint, the project goals were expanded to facilitate investigations in plant demography and diversity in advanced ecology electives. The project captures a snapshot of campus forestry as the university grows and changes.

The Boston College Tree Inventory Data Archive has been added to other research data produced at Boston College and made available under an Open Access, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 Unported license. To learn more about the Libraries' open access policies see our Open Access and Scholarly Publishing.

Faculty interested in depositing data in eScholarship@BC can email datasupport@bc.edu.

Barbara Mento
Data/GIS Manager, O'Neill Library