FALL 2014

Research Data News – Scientific Data, A New Nature Journal Launched

With more and more federal funders and more journal publishers requiring that authors provide data management plans and easier access to their research data, a new publication form is emerging, the data publication journal. Scientific Data debuted in late May 2014 as one of the newest Nature journals. This open-access, peer-reviewed journal breaks ground by publishing scientifically-valuable data. Rather than publishing articles, it publishes "data descriptors" designed to make data discoverable and available for reuse. These data descriptors provide extensive information about the study, methods, reuse indicators, references and pointers to the deposited data set. The data itself must be deposited and available for download. Often the data is first made available with deposits in one of the recommended repositories such as GenBank, Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO), FigShare (a Nature-associated, multi-disciplinary data depository), etc. Researchers commenting on the site note the fact that the data descriptor articles provide space for fuller description/discussion of the data (benefitting both the author and the prospective user), while also providing a nexus for linking from various papers that may be published on the single data set featured in the data descriptor. Article metrics are displayed on the screen. For more information see Welcome to Scientific Data.

Sally Wyman
Collection Development Librarian,
O'Neill Library