FALL 2014

eScholarship@BC: A New Platform

The Boston College University Libraries is pleased to announce that eScholarship@BC will be moving to a new online platform later this fall. In the year that eScholarship@BC is celebrating its tenth anniversary, we are anticipating big changes to how users experience and contribute to the online collection. This transition will open new possibilities and opportunities for Boston College faculty and students depositing their work into the repository, expanding the reach of their research.

For both those familiar and unfamiliar with eScholarship@BC, we would like to give you a sneak peek at the new site and an idea of what to expect in the months ahead.

What is eScholarship@BC?
eScholarship@BC is the institutional repository of Boston College, managed by the libraries. Included in the repository is scholarship from all parts of the university: cutting-edge faculty works, students' theses and dissertations, publications from Boston College research centers, online data archives, and much more. The goals of the repository are to showcase and preserve the scholarly output of Boston College while making that work freely accessible to the rest of the world.

In doing so, the repository aims to help increase the visibility of BC work and ensure that this work can be accessed for years to come. Additionally, eScholarship@BC provides a place where scholarship can be shared openly regardless of one's ability to pay, supporting the larger social justice mission so strong at Boston College.

Why are we moving?
The new repository platform for eScholarship@BC will be the open-source software called Islandora. Islandora will give the library much more flexibility in building upon the online services that we provide through the repository.

The new homepage of eScholarship@BC The new homepage of eScholarship@BC

Most significantly, we have been able to build a more user-friendly interface for the new website. The site will make it easier to discover and explore items found in eScholarship@BC, with enhanced search features and faceted browsing. The new system will better match the requirements for Google Scholar indexing, will integrate with the main Library search, and will be more easily found through other online search engines. All of this means that the collection will be more accessible than ever to potential readers, raising the overall profile of the work there.

The library will also be introducing new features to the site in the months ahead. We will be building new ways for faculty and students to submit works directly through the site. We will be adding usage statistics displays, which will provide depositors with important information such as the number of page views and downloads for each of their works. These new developments will make it easier for depositors to submit and monitor their works. The new repository will also be able to store a wider range of file formats, accommodating the growing variety of deposits in eScholarship@BC.

The new homepage of eScholarship@BC Sample search results on the new site.

When is the site "going live"?
The library is in the process of completing the migration from the old system. After testing, we hope to launch the site by the end of October. An official announcement will be sent out to the university at the time of the launch.

What will happen to my work already in eScholarship@BC?
All content currently stored in eScholarship@BC will be migrated to the new site. If you have deposited work into eScholarship@BC before, your work will continue to be preserved, and the persistent links (known as "handles") given to you for each item will remain intact.

Any questions?
If you have any questions regarding this transition or if you would like to make a new deposit into eScholarship@BC, please contact Emily Toner, eScholarship Repository Librarian, and/or Jane Morris, Head Librarian, Scholarly Communications and Research.

Emily Toner
eScholarship Repository Librarian