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University Librarian Thomas Wall

Thomas WallAs the new University Librarian for Boston College, please allow me to introduce myself. I have spent the past eight years at Duke University as Associate University Librarian for Public Services, and the 13 years before that as a faculty member and Head of Public Services at the University of Pittsburgh. In all my experiences, among the most rewarding has been working to ensure that the Library excels as a user focused organization, and I see the library as essential to the social and academic well-being of the University. Through a combination of services, collections, technology and spaces the Libraries support the entire range of student learning activities, from idea formation to knowledge production and dissemination.

Already this spring many of you have welcomed me to administrative and faculty departmental meetings, which have been extremely helpful in considering ways the library can fulfill its mission. In this spirit I hope to have a chance to visit all academic departments through the fall term 2009. I consider the Library’s engagement with faculty key in building strong and relevant collections (both print and digital), integrating library services and staff into the academic life of students, and creating a dialogue on critical Library issues on space, programs, and services. I look forward to working with the Faculty Library Advisory Committee on ways to improve the library, and am available to attend departmental meetings at any time to discuss partnerships, policies, any ideas you have about the libraries.

The staff in the BC Libraries will work with you as partners in creating a library environment that will meet your research needs through responsive services and collections. I hope we can work together to further develop spaces for learning and collaboration, facilitate the social importance of the library, and strengthen our core programs and collections, as well as envision new directions for us all.

I pledge an environment of open communication with the entire campus community; respecting and addressing all concerns. I am very excited about the future for the Boston College Libraries; a future that depends on us working together. I will also be initiating a Library strategic plan this summer to address many of the issues raised in my faculty and administrative visits. You may expect that librarians will be in touch to get your input on our strategic planning process and implementation.


In closing, let me reiterate that I consider users as critical partners to the library, and I welcome all feedback that may help us serve the research and teaching needs of both faculty and students.

Please feel free to contact me at, or stop by 410 O'Neill.

Thomas B. Wall, Ph.D.

University Librarian 


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