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Online Writing Lab - OWL

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About the OWL

Welcome to the OWL, the online branch of the Connors Family Learning Center's writing tutorial services. Staffed by graduate and undergraduate readers trained at responding to the work of their peers both critically and constructively, the OWL provides free tutoring assistance to the Boston College community. As with in-person tutoring, our mission is to help students improve their writing at the global level, with attention to argument, organization, and effectiveness, rather than extensive grammatical and syntactical revisions.

We strongly recommend that writers interested in submitting to the OWL first read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Contact the OWLInquiries about the OWL may be directed to the OWL coordinator, Craig Kasprzak (, or to the director of the Connors Family Learning Center, Dr. Kathy Duggan (


OWL DATES - Fall 2014

Fall 2014 OWL Calendar


Thursday, September 18 - First day accepting submissions for the fall semester.
Wednesday, October 8 - Deadline for submissions to be read and returned before the Columbus Day weekend.
Saturday, Oct. 11, to Monday, Oct. 13 - Closed for the Columbus Day weekend. Submissions received during this time will not be processed until Tuesday, October 14.
Monday, November 24 - Deadline for submissions to be read and returned before the Thanksgiving holiday.
Wednesday, Nov. 26, to Sunday, Nov. 30 - Closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. Submissions received during this time will not be processed until Monday, December 1.
Monday, December 8 - Deadline for fall semester submissions.
Wednesday, December 10 - Closed for winter recess.

* Remember that the OWL is closed on all Saturdays; submissions received after 6pm on Friday will not be processed until Sunday.


(submissions received on Saturday will not be processed until the following day)


What BC students are saying about the OWL

Actual responses from our user survey


“My OWL tutor was like an advisor to my draft.  She pointed out specific places that I should pay attention to, and specific ways to do improve my paper without telling me what to say.”


“I thought my paper was ready to turn in until I read the comments from my OWL tutor.  She helped me to do much better work.”


“It is difficult to be a self-critic and I was having trouble finding ways to improve my essay.  My OWL tutor gave me some fantastic tips.”


“I was at a dead end on how to proceed with my paper but now I know what direction to take.”


“The encouragement I received from my OWL tutor meant a lot to me as I was struggling to do my paper.”


“I couldn’t believe how quickly they responded.  It’s a great system.”


“I got an A on my first paper after using the OWL and, although I’m still waiting for #2, I feel much more confident!”