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CFLC Tutoring Information

» Getting the Most From Your Tutoring Session

» Consequences for Abuse of the Center

» How do I make an appointment? 
Appointments are made by calling 617-552-0611 or by coming into the Connors Family Learning Center on the second floor of O'Neill Library. Due to the large student population served, the Connors Family Learning Center does not respond to emails. | More FAQ's



We are a service open to all BC students and faculty. We believe that all students can benefit from tutoring services. Our programs are meant both to challenge high achieving students and to support those having academic difficulties.

We offer tutoring in over 60 subjects including all of the CORE curriculum classes.

We are a “peer tutoring” service. Tutors are all BC undergraduate (mostly juniors and seniors) and graduate students who are in high academic standing and have been recommended by their respective departments. All of our tutors are CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association) Certified or are in the process of becoming CRLA Certified.

We offer ongoing instructional support for BC Faculty, Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows.

We offer support and services for students with learning disabilities. Please see the Support Services section of the website for more information.


We offer services for all students, not just those who are experiencing academic challenges.

Our tutoring services not to be used as a substitute for going to class.

We are here to support and encourage your academic success. We are not here to do your work for you.

Tutoring sessions are not meant to re-teach material learned in class. Students should attend class regularly and come prepared to their tutoring session with specific questions.

Our tutoring services are not drop-in appointments. Students must schedule their sessions ahead of time.
In addition, appointments are ONLY for the people who have signed up for them.

We are not a paper editing or proofreading service. Writing tutors are here to help strengthen writing skills and not to fix papers for grammar mistakes.

Tutors are not meant to know everything. They are students, so please be patient with them as they are trying to help you.