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Testing Procedures

connors family learning center


Once you have been approved for accommodated testing by Dr. Duggan, you must request a letter and notify your faculty member of your eligibility for this accomodation. Only students who have official, updated and approved documentation on file may take the exams at the Connors Center.

If you desire to take an exam at the CFLC, please adhere to the following procedures:

  • You must give your professor and the CFLC sufficient notice (at least three business days) when you have a test.
  • Have your professor sign a "testing accomodations form" and leave at the CFLC three days in advance. These forms are always available at the CFLC. If you fail to give us or your professor sufficient notice for an exam, you will not be able to receive accommodations for that exam.
  • CFLC guidelins prohibit students from delivering or returning exams. If there is a problem with the policy, please have the faculty member contact us directly.
  • You will not be allowed to leave the Center during an exam so plan accordingly.