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What Is A Teaching Portfolio

1.       What is a teaching portfolio?

An organized collection of documents and other materials that demonstrate who you are as a teacher—a way to make teaching visible beyond the classroom.  Can be electronic or paper.


2.       What are they used for?

Can be formative or summative.

Formative portfolios help you reflect on your teaching, look at what you’re doing, possibly share and discuss with a mentor.  It’s  a place to collect your work for your own purposes, set goals and keep track of your own progress as a teacher.

Summative portfolios are tools in your professional career—job applications, promotions, awards.


3.       What’s in them?


Title page (home page in an electronic version)

Table of contents


Description of teaching responsibilities

Statement of teaching philosophy

Descriptions of teaching workshops you’ve attended

Sample syllabus

Examples of how your teaching embodies your philosophy—student work, exercises you do with students, pictures, videos (if available)

Ways you assess your teaching (evaluations, observations)

Examples of online portfolios completed by BC graduate students: