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The Apprenticeship in College Teaching


Overview of The Apprenticeship in College Teaching


Beginning in 2011, all graduate students are invited to participate in BC’s new Apprenticeship in College Teaching Program.  The program coordinates and formalizes efforts that have long been under way in departments and in the university to prepare graduate students for teaching at Boston College and in their future careers.  By combining these efforts, the Apprenticeship Program provides graduate students with a framework within which they can deliberately plan their development as teaching scholars.  Students who complete the program will receive a letter from the Office of the Provost for inclusion in their teaching portfolios.

Students who choose to participate will file a plan of completion, including their goals and a proposed timeline, with The Connors Family Learning Center.  Since students’ plans will differ depending on their departments, each department will have a liaison to help students choose the best ways to complete the program requirements, either through departmental or university resources. The program is very flexible and can be completed in one year or over the course of two or even three years. 

Required components:

  • Submit an online plan for completion to the CFLC. 
  • Attend a teaching orientation, to be held at the beginning of each semester.
  • Attend five required workshops, plus two electives.  The required workshops will be on Syllabus Design, Grading, Creating a Teaching Portfolio, Classroom Management and Conducting a Teaching Observation.  The two electives can be chosen from a variety of topics.  All workshops can be completed with departmental or CFLC programs. 
  • Write a course syllabus.
  • Conduct and write up a teaching observation of a faculty member.
  • Invite a faculty member to conduct and write up an observation of you teaching, in person and/or on videotape.
  • Document your completion of all components in a teaching portfolio that includes a reflective statement of your teaching philosophy.  All participants have the option of creating an electronic portfolio.


  • Practical advice and information about college teaching, learning, college students and  academic careers
  • One-on-one guidance from faculty and the CFLC in developing your teaching skills.
  • A credential to demonstrate your commitment to teaching.
  • Help in developing an online portfolio, a very useful tool in the job search.

Many more details will be available by the end of the summer.  If you have questions in the meantime, please contact Sue Barrett: or 617-552-0835