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Graduate Student Teaching Seminar Spring Schedule


All seminars are held in The Connors Family Learning Center,

 2nd floor O’Neill Library, from 12 to 1:00.  Lunch will be provided.





Wednesday, January 22nd                      CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT

(ACT requirement)                                A practical discussion of how to make sure your classroom policies help you                                                                    reach your teaching goals.

                                                           Sue Barrett, Director of the Connors Family Learning Center


Thursday, February 6th                   GRADING FAIRLY

(ACT requirement)                               Discussion of the questions and situations that arise around grading. 

                                                          Sue Barrett


Wednesday, February 19th             TIPS ON LEADING DISCUSSIONS

(ACT Elective)                                    How to get discussions started, generate good questions and handle difficult topics.

                                                         Michele Brown Kerrigan and Paul Brown, ACT Fellows


Wednesday, February 26th            TEACHING  OBSERVATIONS

(ACT requirement)                             Tools to help you get the most out of observing and being observed in the                                                                     classroom.

                                                        Sue Barrett


Wednesday, March 12th               TEACHING PORTFOLIOS

(ACT requirement)                          How to create a teaching portfolio and write a statement of teaching philosophy.

                                                      Sue Barrett


Thursday, March 20th                         WORKING WITH STUDENTS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES  

(ACT elective)                                  Kathy Duggan, Associate Director, CFLC, will share her insights into challenges faced                                                        by students with LDs and how you can provide them with reasonable                                                                            accommodations.


Tuesday, March 25th                               CREATING YOUR ePORTFOLIO

(ACT elective)                                      Paul Brown will run a “design lab” to help you get a WordPress site up and                                                                    running.


Monday, April 7th                             EFFECTIVE LECTURING   

(ACT elective)                                     Michele Kerrigan and Paul Brown will demonstrate and discuss the strengths of                                                              different lecture styles, and incorporating presentation slides and media


Tuesday, April 15th                          DESIGNING/REDESIGNING YOUR SYLLABUS

(ACT requirement)                               Looking ahead to next semester, this session will focus on elements of an                                                                       effective syllabus.

                                                           Sue Barrett