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Submit Your Undergraduate Thesis

Submission Form Information

The form will contain the following required fields:

Title of thesis
Key words (up to six words or phrases)
Abstract (approximately 100 – 150 words)
Year degree awarded
Language in which the thesis is written
Type of degree (B.A., B.S.)
Honors Program(s) (such as A&S Honors, Economics Honors, etc.) – provide more than one if they apply
Department (department through which you are submitting the thesis for credit)
Faculty Adviser (primary adviser for thesis)

Instructions for choice of key words/phrases

Please provide at least one and up to six key words or phrases that describe the topic and content of your thesis. If you have already written your abstract, often these words and phrases can be extracted right from the thesis abstract.  If you haven't written your abstract, then identification of key words can assist with abstract construction.  

A recommended strategy for choosing key words/phrases is to answer the questions:  who, what, where, when. For example, if your thesis is about the role of Cotton Mather in the Salem witch trials, you might choose as follows:

WHO:    Cotton Mather
WHAT:   witch; trials; witchcraft;    
WHERE: Salem
WHEN:   17th century   

The goal is to choose words/phrases that would allow someone to find your work easily when searching for topics related to your thesis. Your adviser can help you to verify that your choices are on-topic.

Ready to submit your thesis? The Boston College libraries are currently updating the online submission process for undergraduate honors theses. Please check back in early April to begin your submission in our new system. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact Lopa Williams, undergraduate thesis administrator.