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Submit Your Undergraduate Thesis

undergraduate honors theses

The following information will help you prepare your Honors Thesis for electronic submission to the Boston College repository, eScholarship@BC.  Please read thoroughly before beginning your electronic submission.  


Preparing Your Document

The end product of your work should consist of one PDF file with all fonts and files embedded within the document. See our help document on embedding fonts [pdf]. You will have the option to submit a single document, or a document with supplemental files. Examples of supplemental files are multi-media files that cannot embedded in a PDF (example .wav, .avi, .swf). Image files should be included in the main PDF.

If you do not own or have access to a copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional, please contact the administrator ( and she will provide assistance and/or recommendations.

Check your final PDF document before you make your submission. Look at charts, graphs, and any graphics to make sure they converted properly.

Supplemental files, files that you cannot or choose not to embed in the PDF (such as spreadsheets, music, multimedia files, or other formatted material) may remain separate. You will be prompted to add the supplemental files during the submission process.  These materials/files will be associated with your thesis and accessible through the page that describes your thesis and provides access to your thesis as a PDF.

Tips for Formatting
  • Avoid unusual fonts. Good font-faces are Times New Roman for serif and Arial or Helvetica for sans serif font.
  • If possible, use Type 1 fonts. TrueType fonts will also work.
  • In naming your thesis PDF file, use the file-naming convention: lastName-firstName-middleInitial-Year.pdf