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EndNote Web Citation Manager

how to find, connect, use

Using EndNote Web for the First Time
EndNote Web is a bibliographic mamanegement tool that allows you to search databases directly, import references from these databases. It has over 2,300 publishing styles to format intext citations and bibliographies. Use Cite While You Write to insert references and format your papers instantly.

To use EndNote Web, you must first set up an account:

1. Go to EndNote Web.

2. Click the link "Sign up for an account" near the top of the page.

3. Complete the form using your email address as log-in and use what ever you want for a password Note the password rules below. Click "I agree" at the bottom of the page. Passwords must:

Contain eight or more characters (no spaces)
Contain at least one digit
Contain at least one "special" character: !@#$%^*()~` {}[ ]|\

4. Once you have established an account, you can go to and sign in to use the product.

See EndNote Web Help for export/import instructions for our subscription databases. For instructions for using the various services of EndNote Web, visit their help page. The link to this page is in the lower left hand corner of the main page after you sign in.

If you have questions or comments about the product, please contact the Reference Desk at (617) 552-4465