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Integrate the Library into Blackboard

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Enhance your course by integrating library resources and services into your Blackboard page. Get a librarian involved or link to pre-existing resources.


Add Library Resources to your Course

Linking to Library Resources
The following are basic starting points. Please consult your subject specialist for more in-depth help.

Linking to Subject and Research Guides 
For subject guides (basic starting points) and research guides (focused, in-depth research help), copy the URL (web address) from your browser address bar and use in your Blackboard course. (create a link)

Link to Library Services


Embed a Librarian in your Course

Librarians can become involved in your course in many ways. We can create customized content for your class and provide research assistance and instruction through Blackboard. Consider any combination of the following:

Request a Tailored Research Guide
If your class has a research assignment, we can create a research guide tailored to that assignment. Guides include suggested resources and instructions. Contact the librarian for your subject area.

Request a Librarian
Add contact information for your subject librarian or ask a librarian to hold reference hours via Blackboard's chat or discussion board by adding them as a course designer to your Blackboard page.

Request a Library Research Assignment
If you'd like your students to learn particular research skills, we can create an assignment for you. Contact your subject librarian or the O'Neill Reference Desk (617-552-4472) who will direct you to the appropriate person.

For general help with Blackboard, including how to create links, consult the Blackboard Support Site.