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Merck Index

database access

Connect to the Merck Index, if you already have the ChemDraw plugin, or do not want it.

Instructions for structure drawing plugin in the Merck Index:

Searching by structure drawing in the Merck Index requires the use of the ChemDraw plug-in. If you do not have ChemDraw installed on your workstation, you can download a free version from the Merck Index home page. To do this, click on the link for “ChemDraw Plugin and System Requirements”, under Compound Search.  Note, without ChemDraw, you can still run other types of searches, just choose the "Search Compound Monographs (no ChemDraw Plugin)" option on the Merck Index homepage. 

To download the ChemDraw plugin, click on the "ChemDraw Plugin and System Requirements" link on the Merck Index homepage, and, then, after selecting the ChemDraw version appropriate for your workstation, click on the ChemDraw Net Plugin 8.0 link at the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted to register as a new user before downloading this free software. (Note: You will not need to register again, once you have the plugin.) Follow the instructions on the screen to download and then install the new software onto your machine.

O'Neill Library Users:

ChemDraw is already installed on the two chemistry workstations in the O'Neill Library Electronic Information Center, Workstations G1 and G6. You will not be able to download ChemDraw at other O'Neill Library workstations, but you can run all other types of searches, as needed.

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