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African and African Diaspora Studies Lawrence Busenbark 617-552-2253
Archives and Manuscripts Amy Braitsch 617-552-3249
Art and Architecture Adeane Bregman 617-552-3136
Asian Studies Nina Bogdanovsky 617-552-1058
Biology Enid Karr 617-552-4477
Business Claire O'Leary 617-552-4484
Business Sonia Ensins 617-552-2414
Chemistry Sally Wyman 617-552-4452
Classical Studies Jonas Barciauskas 617-552-4447
Communication Adeane Bregman 617-552-3136
Computer Science Barbara Mento 617-552-3354
Economics/Numerical Data Barbara Mento 617-552-3354
Education Brendan Rapple 617-552-4482
Education (K-12 curriculum resources) Margaret Cohen 617-552-4919
English Language and Literature Brendan Rapple 617-552-4482
Earth and Environmental Sciences Enid Karr 617-552-4477
Environmental Studies Sally Wyman 617-552-4452
Environmental Studies Enid Karr 617-552-4477
Film Studies Adeane Bregman 617-552-3136
Gender Studies Leslie Homzie 617-552-3234
German Studies Jonas Barciauskas 617-552-4447
Government Documents Barbara Mento
History Elliot Brandow 617-552-1907
Irish Studies Kathy Williams 617-552-4833
Irish Studies (Music) Beth Sweeney 617-552-3956
Islamic Studies and Civilization Nina Bogdanovsky 617-552-1058
Jewish Studies Nina Bogdanovsky 617-552-1058
Latin American Studies Larry Busenbark 617-552-2253
Law (Law Library) Law Reference Staff 617-552-4410
Law (O'Neill Library) Sonia Ensins 617-552-2414
Linguistics Nina Bogdanovsky 617-552-1058
Mathematics Barbara Mento 617-552-3354
Music Sonia Ensins 617-552-2414
Nursing and Health Sciences Wanda Anderson 617-552-4457
Philosophy Jonas Barciauskas 617-552-4447
Physics Sally Wyman 617-552-4452
Political Science Nina Bogdanovsky 617-552-1058
Psychology Kate Silfen 617-552-0792
Psychology Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah 617-552-4465
Rare Books/Special Collections (Burns) Justine Sundaram 617-552-1799
Romance Languages and Literatures Larry Busenbark 617-552-2253
Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures Nina Bogdanovsky 617-552-1058
Social Work Kate Silfen 617-552-0792
Social Work Leslie Homzie
Sociology Kate Silfen 617-552-0792
Theater and Dance Brendan Rapple 617-552-4482
Theology Jonas Barciauskas 617-552-4447
Theology and Ministry Library Steve Dalton 617-552-6541