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Social Work Writing Tutors

social work research help


GSSW Graduate Assistant Writing Tutors are an added service available to members of the GSSW community.

What kind of assistance can I expect from the GSSW Writing Tutors?
Tutors will provide feedback on:

Logical development of ideas
Organizational structure

Remember—tutors are NOT editors or proofreaders. They will give feedback about sentence structure, grammatical usage and APA style, but they will not make corrections. Each student is responsible for learning and using APA format appropriately. See below for additional resources.

When are the GSSW Writing Tutors available?
GSSW Writing Tutors are primarily available via email, though appointments can be arranged on an if needed.  GSSW Writing tutors are available Tuesday through Sunday during the academic year.

Submission Details

Electronic submissions with a 48-hour-turnaround are limited to 8 pages/submission. To submit papers electronically send a message with an attachment to  Submissions will be processed with in 48 hours of submission.  Please plan accordingly.

You should expect to receive feedback within 48 hours for the first 8 pages of the paper. After reviewing the comments, if you would like to meet with a tutor to discuss them further, please reply to the tutor’s email with at least two options for when you would be available to meet.