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Open Access Journals at Boston College

Boston College Libraries are committed to the open dissemination of scholarly information to a global audience. Through our journal publishing program the Libraries provide services and software for Boston College faculty, staff, and students who want to publish an online open access journal.

Boston College open access journals are published using Open Journal Systems (OJS) software, an open source management and publishing system. OJS provides a professional online presence and assists with every stage of the journal publishing process—submissions, peer review, online publication, and indexing. Library staff customize the journal appearance, provide initial training to editorial staff and provide ongoing technical support. Articles are licensed for reuse using a Creative Commons license.

Find out more about our open access journal publishing program. Please contact Jane Morris, Scholarly Communication Librarian, to ask questions about the program.

Our Publications


Information Technology and Libraries

Information Technology and Libraries publishes material related to all aspects of libraries and information technology, including digital libraries, metadata, authorization and authentication, electronic journals and electronic publishing, telecommunications, distributed systems and networks, computer security and intellectual property rights, technical standards, geographic information systems, desktop applications, online catalogs and bibliographic systems, optical information systems, software engineering, universal access to technology, futuristic forecasting, library consortia, vendor relations, and technology and the arts.

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The Boston College Roundtable brings together scholars and administrators from Catholic colleges and universities to discuss the vision and promise of Catholic higher education in the United States. This initiative aims to explore the value and meaning of a Catholic education in the contemporary context and further the conversation about mission as it relates to the pursuit of truth, the quest for knowledge, and the fostering of human flourishing.

Integritas publishes the papers presented and discussed at each meeting. Each issue includes a paper, a response, and a summary of the Roundtable conversation. The aim of this new initiative is to model and elicit conversation among university leaders, faculty, and administrators around issues from the Catholic tradition that both inspire and challenge Catholic colleges and universities in the United States today.

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International Higher Education

International Higher Education (IHE) is the quarterly publication of the Center for International Higher Education. IHE publishes insightful, informed, and high-quality commentary and analysis on trends and issues of importance to higher education systems, institutions, and stakeholders around the world. Each edition also includes short abstracts of new books and other publications of relevance to the global higher education community. IHE's contributors are drawn largely from a network of distinguished international scholars, policymakers, and leaders, who are well-positioned to offer critical perspectives on key issues and trends that shape higher education worldwide.

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International Journal of African Higher Education

International Journal of African Higher Education (IJAHE) is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to advance knowledge and promote research, as well as provide a forum for policy discussion and analysis on diverse higher education issues in the African continent. IJAHE anticipates assuming a vital role in shaping discourse, reporting new frontiers and creating a nexus for communication and networking among a wide array of researchers, students, academicians, policy makers and policy analysts interested in and concerned with higher education in Africa.


The Levantine Review

The Levantine Review is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary Open Access Electronic Journal. As Boston College’s flagship Middle East Studies journal, published twice a year by the Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures and Boston College Libraries, the journal proposes a study of the Near East from a broad, diverse, and inclusive purview, with the hope of bringing into focus the larger conceptual, geographic, social, linguistic, and cultural settings of the region. The Review will deal with the Levant and the Mediterranean from the perspective of Middle Eastern Studies, History, Political Science, Religion, Philology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Literature, Security Studies, Women Studies, and other disciplines of the humanities and social science.


Lingua Frankly: Boston College working papers in linguistics

Lingua Frankly: Boston College working papers in linguistics is a student-run journal showcasing original research papers, book reviews, and other works of interest by both graduate and undergraduate students in topics related to Linguistics and the study of language. With the ideal of interdisciplinary collaboration in mind, the journal encourages and welcomes papers from many disciplines and departments to cover a broad spectrum of issues related to language, its practice, structure, and history.


Lumen et Vita

Lumen et Vita, meaning “Light and Life,” is the graduate journal of Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry. We attempt to present the best research and reviews of our diverse student body, while using an online, open access format that will encourage ongoing dialogue both in the School and in the wider academic community.


Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America

Proceedings of The Catholic Theological Society of America Annual Convention.


Romance eReview

Romance eReview is a peer-reviewed graduate journal of literary and cultural criticism, published annually by the Department of Romance Languages & Literatures at Boston College. The journal is edited and managed by the graduate students of our Master’s program. In the first place, Romance eReview aims at creating a common venue of intellectual exchange for the Spanish, French and Italian sections of our department and providing our students with a first-hand editorial experience, both as contributors and as peer reviewers.


Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations

Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations is the open-access electronic journal of the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations and is published by the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at Boston College.

Spirituality of Jesuits

Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits

Studies is a product of the Seminar on Jesuit Spirituality. This Seminar is composed of a group of Jesuits appointed from their provinces in the United States. The Seminar studies topics pertaining to the spiritual doctrine and practice of Jesuits, especially American Jesuits, and gathers current scholarly studies pertaining to the history and ministries of Jesuits throughout the world.