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University Archives - Record Group Listing

   RG 0 External Information on Boston College

   RG 1 Boston College Governing Bodies/University Committees

1.1 Board of Trustees
1.2 Board of Directors
1.3 Board of Regents
1.4 Visiting Committee
1.5 University Academic Planning Council
1.6 University Fiscal Planning Committee
1.7 University Planning of Physical Facilities
1.8 University Planning Committee
1.9 University Planning Council
1.11 University Academic Senate (1967- )
1.12 University Committee on Liberal Education
1.13 Faculty Council
1.14 Affirmative Action Council
1.14.1 Affirmative Action Council--Committee on Co-Education
1.15 University Academic Council
1.16 University Research Council
1.17 Project Delta
1.18 Staff Senate
1.19 University Council
1.20 Boston College Arts Council
1.21 President's Cabinet
1.22 Intercultural Awareness Forum
1.23 Council on Liberal Education
1.24 University Library Committee
1.25 Committee for Strategic Planning for Communications and Computing
1.26 User Committee for Administrative and Information Systems
1.27 Instructional and Research Computing Committee
1.28 Xocomil

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   RG 2 Office of the President

2.0 John McElroy (Founder)
2.1 John Bapst (1863-1869)
2.2 Robert W. Brady (1869-1870)
2.3 Robert Fulton (1870-1880)
2.4 Jeremiah O'Connor (1880-1884)
2.5 Edward V. Boursaud (1884-1887)
2.6 Thomas H. Stack (1887)
2.7 Nicholas Russo (1887-1888)
2.8 Robert Fulton (1881-1891)
2.9 Edward I. Devitt (1891-1894)
2.10 Timothy Brosnahan (1894-1898)
2.11 W. G. Read Mullan (1898-1903)
2.12 William F. Gannon (1903-1907)
2.13 Thomas Ignatius Gasson (1907-1914)
2.14 Charles W. Lyons (1914-1919)
2.15 William J. Devlin (1919-1925)
2.16 James H. Dolan (1925-1932)
2.17 Louis J. (Louis Joseph) Gallagher (1932-1937)
2.18 William James McGarry (1937-1939)
2.19 William J. Murphy (1939-1945)
2.20 William L. Keleher (1945-1951)
2.21 Joseph Raymond Nonnatus Maxwell (1951-1958)
2.22 Michael P. Walsh (1958-1968)
2.23 W. Seavey (William Seavey) Joyce (1968-1972)
2.24 J. Donald Monan (1972-1996)
2.25 William P. Leahy (1996- )

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   RG 3 Executive Vice President

   RG 4 Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties

4.1 Academic Vice President
4.2 (open)
4.3 Institute of Human Sciences
4.4 Assistant to Academic Vice President

   RG 5 Vice President of Mission and Ministry

5.1 Vice President of Mission and Ministry
5.2 University Chaplain
5.3 Director, Center for Ignatian Spirituality

   RG 6 University Secretary

   RG 7 Office of the University Historian

   RG 8 Vice President Assistant to the President

8.1 Vice President Assistant to the President
8.2 Office of Community Affairs
8.3 Office of State and Community Relations

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   RG 9 Vice President for University Relations

9.1 Vice President for University Relations
9.2 Alumni Association
9.2.1 Alumni Association Executive Director
9.3 Development Office - Administration and Annual Giving
9.4 Development Office - Endowment and Capital Programs
9.5 (open)
9.6 (open)
9.7 Office of Marketing Communications
9.8 Office of Public Affairs

   RG 10 Office of the Senior Vice President

   RG 11 Vice President for Human Resources

11.1 Vice President for Human Resources
11.2 Employee Relations Office
11.3 Affirmative Action Office
11.4 Employment and Employee Development Office (Human Resouce Development)
11.5 Benefits Manager
11.6 Childrens Center
11.7 Compensation Office
11.8 Harrassment Counselor


RG 12 Vice President for Student Affairs

12.1 Vice President for Student Affairs
12.2 AHANA Student Programs
12.3 Career Center
12.4 Office of the Dean for Student Development
12.4.1 BC Bands
12.4.2 Fulton Debating Society
12.4.3 Intercultural Office
12.5 Office of University Housing
12.6 Counseling Services
12.7 Health Services Department
12.8 Learning Resources for Athletes
12.9 Theater Arts Center
12.10 Learning to Learn
12.11 Freshman Year Experience
12.12 Murray House - Graduate Student Center
12.13 Financial Aid Office (Until 1976)

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   RG 13 Vice President for Administration

13.1 Vice President for Administration
13.2 Building and Grounds
13.3 Dining Services
13.4 Boston College Police
13.5 Bookstore
13.6 Planning and New Construction
13.7 Bureau of Conferences
13.8 Environmental Health and Safety Office    

RG 14 Financial Vice President and Treasurer

14.1 Financial Vice President and Treasurer
14.2 Associate Treasurer
14.3 Controller's Office
14.4 (open)
14.5 Budget Office
14.6 Risk Management and Insurance
14.7 Purchasing Department
14.8 Internal Audit Department

   RG 15 Associate Academic Vice President

15.1 Associate Academic Vice President's Office
15.2 Center for Media & Instructional Technology (Audiovisual Department)
15.3 Electronics and Machine Workshop
15.4 International Programs

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   RG 16 Associate Dean of Faculties

16.1 Associate Dean

   RG 17 Associate Dean for Administration

   RG 18 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

18.1 Dean
18.2 Associate Dean
18.10 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Educational Policy Committee

   RG 19 College of Arts and Sciences

19.1 Dean
19.2 Associate Dean
19.3 Senior Associate Dean
19.4 Associate Dean
19.5 Associate Dean
19.6 Foreign Study Program
19.7 Honors Program
19.7.1 Scholar of the College
19.7.2 Senior Honors Theses
19.8 College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Senate
19.9 Pulse
19.10 College of Arts and Sciences Educational Policy Committee

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   RG 20 School of Nursing

20.1 Dean
20.2 Dean-Graduates
20.3 Associate Dean-Undergraduates
20.4 Assistant Dean
20.5 Center for Nursing Research

   RG 21 Law School

21.1 Dean
21.2 Senior Associate Dean - Administration
21.2.1 Administrative Coordinator
21.2.2 Fiscal Officer
21.2.3 Staff Assistant
21.2.4 Word Processing Supervisor
21.2.5 Manager - Law Review Publications
21.2.6 Director - Placement
21.2.7 Assistant Director - Admissions and Financial Aid
21.2.8 Director - Communications
21.3 Associate Dean for Students
21.3.1 Special Assistant to the Dean
21.4 Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
21.4.1 Director - Academic Services
21.4.2 Coordinator - Records
21.5 Director - Institutional Advancement
21.5.1 Director - Development
21.5.2 Director - Special Events
21.5.3 Director - Alumni Relations
21.6 Law Librarian
21.6.1 Administrative Assistant
21.6.2 Education and Reference
21.6.3 Administrative and Technology Resources
21.6.4 Access and Organization

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   RG 22 School of Education

22.1 Dean
22.2 Associate Dean
22.3 Assistant Dean for Students
22.4 Center for Testing, Evaluation and Education Policy
22.5 Campus School
22.5.1 Campus School Director
22.6 Division/Department Chairs
22.6.2 Curriculum, Administration, Special Education
22.6.3 Counseling, Developmental Psychology, Research Department
22.6.4 Collaborative Department
22.7 Center for International Higher Education

   RG 23 School of Management

23.1 Dean
23.2 Associate Dean - Graduates
23.3 Associate Dean - Undergraduates
23.4 Management Center
23.4.1 Boston Citizen Seminar
23.4.2 Working Papers
23.5 Departments
23.5.1 Accounting
23.5.2 Business Law
23.5.3 Computer Science
23.5.4 Economics
23.5.5 Finance
23.5.6 General Management
23.5.7 Honors Program
23.5.8 Marketing
23.5.9 Operations and Strategic Management
23.5.10 Organizational Studies
23.5.11 Administrative Sciences
23.6 Assistant Dean - Administration
23.7 Small Business Development Center

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   RG 24 Graduate School of Social Work

24.1 Dean
24.2 Associate Dean
24.3 Assistant Dean - Field Education

   RG 25 Evening College

25.1 Dean

   RG 26 Summer Session

26.1 Dean

   RG 27 Library

27.1 University Librarian
27.2 Senior Associate University Librarian
27.3 Academic Development Center
27.4 AUL - Research, Instructional and Access Services
27.5 AUL - Automation and Technical Services
27.6 AUL - Collection Services
27.8 AUL - Administrative and Systems Services
27.7 John J. Burns Library
27.7.1 Burns Librarian's Office
27.7.2 Reference Department
27.7.3 Cataloging Department
27.7.4 Department of Archives and Manuscripts University Archives Congressional Archives

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   RG 28 Enrollment Management

28.1 Dean
28.2 Office of Undergraduate Admissions
28.2.1 Director
28.3 Financial Aid Office
28.3.1 Director

   RG 29 Information Technology

   RG 30 Athletic Association

30.1 Director    

RG 31 Office of Space Management

31.1 Director    

RG 32 Office of University Policies and Procedures

32.1 Director    

RG 33 Lecture Series

Candlemas Lectures
Humanities Series

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   RG 34 Departments and Programs - College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

34.1 Biology
34.2 Chemistry
34.3 Classical Studies
34.4 Communications and Theatre
34.5 Economics
34.6 English
34.7 Fine Arts
34.8 Geology and Geophysics
34.9 Germanic Studies
34.10 History
34.11 Mathematics
34.11.1 (open)
34.11.2 Mathematics Institute
34.12 Music
34.13 Philosophy
34.14 Physics
34.15 Political Science
34.16 Psychology
34.17 Romance Languages and Literatures
34.18 Slavic and Eastern Languages
34.19 Sociology
34.20 Theology  

Interdisciplinary Programs

34.21 American Studies
34.22 Asian Studies
34.23 Biblical Studies
34.24 Biochemistry
34.25 Black Studies
34.26 Church History
34.27 Cognitive Science
34.28 Faith, Peace and Justice Studies
34.29 Film Studies
34.30 German Studies
34.31 International Studies
34.32 Irish Studies
34.33 Italian Studies
34.34 Medieval Studies
34.35 Middle Eastern Studies
34.36 Modern Greek Studies
34.37 Russian and East European Studies
34.38 Women's Studies
34.39 Center for East Europe, Russia and Asia
34.40 Environmental Studies
34.41 The Immersion Program in French
34.42 The Immersion Program in Spanish
34.43 Computer Science

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   RG 35 Weston Observatory

35.1 Director    

RG 36 Student Organizations

Camera Club
Chemical Society
French Academy
Gold Key Society
Sub Turri

   RG 37 Other Boston College Related Organizations

Philomatheia Club
Real Estate and Finance Council
Varsity Club
Young Men's Catholic Association of Boston College

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   RG 38 Faculty and Staff Papers

Adelmann, Frederick J.
Alper, Benedict Soloman
Appleyard, Joseph A.
Barrett, Joseph L.
Barrett, Timothy
Barth, J. Robert
Beeck, Frans Jozef van
Bluhm, Heinz
Bolan, Richard S.
Bonn, John Louis
Boston College Faculty Collection
Boston College Faculty Publications
Burke, Charles T.
de Butler, George
Callahan, Henry A.
Casey, William Van Etten
Coleman, Jeremiah F.
Conner, Geraldine L.
Connolly, Brendan C.
Connolly, William J.
Coser, Lewis A.
Coser, Rose Laub
Coquillette, Daniel R.
Corrigan, Jones Irwin Joseph
Dacey, John J.
Daly, Mary
DeMangleere, Paul
Doherty, Paul
Dolan, James H.
Donovan, Jeremiah
Doona, Mary Ellen
Donovan, Charles F.
Dore, Francis J.
Dore, Leo A.
Drinan, Robert F.
Dullea, Maurice Vincent
Dunigan, David Ronan
Dunn, Thomas W.
Fay, Miles L.
Feeney, Walter J.
Figurito, Joseph
Finnegan, Edward G.
FitzGerald, Garret
Fitzgerald, William E.
Fleming, Thomas F.
Flynn, William J.
Ford, John C.
Fortier, Matthew Louis
Fox, Sanford
Gauthier, Joseph-Delphis
Geary, James F.
Grey, Thomas
Guitarte, Guillermo L.
Harney, Martin P.
Hughes, Everett C.
Huse, Edgar F.
Joyce, Nancy M.
Kattsoff, Louis O.
Keating, John S.
Keelan, George A.
Kenealy, William James
Kinnane, Mary
Landreth, Helen
Leonard, William J.
Lin, Jeong-Long
Linehan, Daniel
Lonergan, Bernard
Lord, Richard
MacGillivray, Arthur
Mackin, Francis C.
MacLean, Donald I.
Maffei, Richard B.
Mahoney, Leonard P.
McAleer, John J.
McCarthy, John A.
McCauley, Leo Paul
McEwen, Robert J.
McGuinn, Walter.
McGurk, Edward A.
McLoud, Malcom
Meagher, Walter J.
Meissner, W. W.
Mellyn, James F.
Michalczyk, John J.,
Miller, Samuel J.
Moriarty, Frederick L.
Moynihan, James F.,
Murphy, Catherine P.
Murphy, John E.
Murphy, John F. X.
O'Brien, Richard A.
O'Brien, Robert David
O'Malley, Thomas P.
Paris, John J.
Peloquin, C. Alexander
Petkauskas, Mary Rita
Quinlan, Maurice James
Reardon, Charles
Reynolds, Robert F. X.
Richard, Robert L.
Rock, John P.
Shea, Joseph E.
Shea, Richard G.
Shine, Daniel J.
Skehan, James William
Smith, George F.
Stanton, Edward S.
Stinson, William M.
Sullivan, Francis Patrick
Sweeney, Francis W.
Sweeney, Francis W. - Humanities Series
Tang, Peter S. H.
Tobin, J. A.
Walsh, Edmond D.
Walsh, Joseph
Welch, Edward Holker
White, Donald J.
Willis, John Randolph

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   RG 39 Faculty and Staff Publications

   RG 40 Alumni Papers

Aylward, James F.
Boston College Alumni Collection
Boston College. Sophomore Class, Section A.
Brennan, Joseph Gerard.
Burns, John J.
Callanan, Patrick H.
Carroll, Wallace E.
Coakley, Timothy W.
Connolly, Arthur T.
Craven, Thomas D.
Cushing, Richard.
Daly, Francis X.
Delaney, Lawrence J.
Denver, Joseph G.
Doherty, Felix
Doherty, Allan J.
Dullea, Edward C.
Flutie, Doug
Gill, Richard M.
Hasenfus, Nathaniel John.
Hogan, Bartholomew W.
Kellaher, James A.
Leake, James Chart
Linnehan, James M.
Lyons, William A.
Maley, Frank W.
McCarthy, Joe.
McEleney, John J.
Mulroy, James Thomas
Mullen, Christopher
O'Connell, William.
O'Neill, Thomas P.
Poczatek, Albert
Shea, John J.
Shea, Leo
Thibodeau, Philippe A.

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   RG 41 Boston College High School

   RG 42 Jesuit Community of Boston College

42.1 Father Rector and Administration
42.2 Jesuit Institute at Boston College

   RG 43 Legal Counsel - University Affairs

   RG 44 Center for Corporate Community Relations

44.1 Director
44.2 Associate Director

   RG 45 Museum of Art

   RG 46 Institutional Information Resources

46.1 Director    

RG 47 Associate Vice President for Research

47.1 Associate Vice President for Research
47.2 Office for Sponsored Programs
47.3 Institute for Scientific Research
47.4 Social Welfare Research Institute

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   RG 48 Institute for the Study of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry

   RG 49 BC Neighborhood Center

   RG 50 Newton College of the Sacred Heart

   RG 51 University Chancellor

   RG 52 Office of Student Services

   RG 53 Lonergan Center

53.1 Lonergan Institute

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   RG 54 Boston College Downtown Club

   RG 55 Church in the 21st Century

   RG 56 Boston College Environmental Center

   RG 57 Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

   RG 58 Boise Center for Religion and American Public Life

   RG 59 School of Expressional Arts

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