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Mathematics Collection

Barbara Mento
Mathematics Bibliographer

Collection Overview

The goal is building a collection that meets the needs of research and teaching faculty of the Department of Mathematics, undergraduate and graduate students, the Mathematics Institute, and the basic requirements of the entire University community.

Research and teaching in the Mathematics Department primarily revolves around two themes: pure and applied mathematics. Pure mathematics covers topology, analysis, algebra, geometry, number theory and logic. Applied mathematics covers probability and statistics, numerical analysis, dynamical system and mathematical programming (operations research). The Computer Science Department covers data structures, machine language, algorithms, automata and formal languages, and computer graphics. The Master of Science in Teaching Program is a major component of the Mathematics Department. The bulk of the collection, reflecting these needs, currently comprises of journals and monographs. More and more of our journals are being made available electronically to our users.

Resource sharing in the form of membership in regional organizations like the Boston Library Consortium will increasingly play a significant role in collection development. As access to resources and document delivery becomes easier and faster due to advances in technology, we will depend more and more on interlibrary loan, facsimile transmission, purchase of articles, electronic and on-demand publication and retrieval. Reference sources continue to be acquired for the Boston College Libraries as valuable research tools. | View selected resources ยป

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Interdisciplinary Elements of Subject Area
Collection development for mathematics involves coordination with such disciplines as computer science, physics, and education.

Formats and Types of Materials
Intermediate and advanced level monographs, research journals and serials and some textbooks form the bulk of the collection. Conference proceedings, technical reports, government documents, dissertations, etc., are acquired as needed. A growing number of resources are available in electronic format. Electronic format is preferred providing the version meets standard criteria such as comparable content and quality of images.

English is the language of choice.

Geographic Area Coverage
There is no geographic limitation in mathematics collection development.

Time Periods
Current developments in mathematical sciences are emphasized.

Dates of Publication
Recent publications are collected. Older titles are acquired on demand.