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Latin American Collection

Larry Busenbark

Collection Overview

The Latin American collection supports present and anticipated interdisciplinary teaching and research in selected areas of Latin American studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The library has been collecting material on Latin American history, theology, politics, economics, government, culture, society and literature long before the Latin American Studies Program was established. The history collection has focused on the Southern Cone countries (Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay). Selection of Spanish language materials focuses on material about Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Andean Countries and the Southern Cone. The Latin American collection includes literary and critical works which support study and research in Hispanic studies, and Spanish American literature and culture in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. Development of the Latin American collection mirrors the research and teaching of the Latin American Studies Program, a multidisciplinary program involving many of the university's departments. | View selected resources ยป

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Interdisciplinary Elements of Subject Area
Latin American Studies overlaps in the following departments: theology, history, economics, psychology, political science, sociology, economics, the arts, and literature.

Formats and Types of Materials
Formats collected include print, electronic, microform, and audiovisual. Types of materials include monographs, serials, and reference works such as major indexes, abstracts, catalogs, bibliographies, yearbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, research guides, and directories.  Dissertations and Theses - Full Text (ProQuest) provides access to theses and dissertations. The full text of dissertations published since 1997 is also available for download. For the most part, the library does not acquire textbooks for any given courses.  Yet some textbooks are valuable as reference and research works.  In such cases, the library will acquire these selectively upon request.

Materials published in Spanish and English languages are emphasized.

Geographic Area Coverage
The collection covers all countries in the Americas south of the U.S. and the Caribbean. Latin American Studies covers 20 countries including the Caribbean.

Time Periods
The primary emphasis of the collection is the twentieth century, with purchases of significant works about the Colonial Period made whenever possible as the budget permits.  Selection of materials reflects interest in current Latin America and the Colonial Period.

Dates of Publication
Current imprints are emphasized. Modern editions of classics as well as reprints of significant works are also emphasized.