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History Collection

Kenneth Liss

Collection Overview
The history collection supports the undergraduate and graduate instructional and research needs of the History Department and the research needs of its faculty. The primary emphasis areas are European and United States history, followed by Latin American history, with lesser emphases on African, Asian and Middle Eastern history. Women's Studies is an area of emphasis, and Asia an area of anticipated future growth. The collection supports the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern European history, American History, and Latin American history. It also supports the History Department's sponsorship of the interdisciplinary M.A. in European National Studies, which concentrates on the history and language of a single European nation, and an M.A. in Medieval Studies. Approval plans for the major European languages support research. An increasing sector of collections has been committed to electronic research indexes and full text electronic sources. | View selected resources ยป

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Interdisciplinary Elements of Subject Area
Collection Development in the area of history intersects with the areas of Black Studies, Classical Studies, Women's Studies, Irish Studies, Sociology, Political Science, Business, Theology and Science (see collection statements of these areas). Works of history are collected for the above areas and other areas where there may not be an emphasis in the respective program on history, for example as in business history. A large number of materials of historical interest are collected in the Library of Congress "H" section, which includes sociology, business and economics.

Formats and Types of Materials
Formats collected include print, electronic, microform, and audiovisual. Types of materials include monographs, serials, and reference works including major indexes, abstracts, catalogs, bibliographies, yearbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, research guides, and directories.

Collection emphasis is primarily in English, with materials collected also in French, Gaelic, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish, with other languages selectively collected.

Geographic Area Coverage
The major emphases are on Europe and the United States, with emphasis also on Latin America, and there is broad collection development for Africa, Asia and the Middle East along with specific targeting of program needs for those areas. Selected works are collected for other areas.

Time Periods
History by its nature lends itself to an interest in all time periods. There is more emphasis from the medieval period to the present than on ancient history.

Dates of Publication
Although the bulk of collecting is current imprints, much emphasis in library purchasing for the history department is placed on retrospective acquisitions, so that publishing dates range from the present as far back as they can go, but with items considered rare or in need of special handling being housed in the Burns special collections library.