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Government Documents Collection

Barbara Mento
Interim Virtual Government
Documents Librarian

Collection Overview

The Government Documents unit of the O'Neill Library was designated a federal selective depository library in 1963.  The collection supports the curriculum and research needs of Boston College and the Fourth Congressional District more broadly. 

Primary responsibility for selection of government documents and support materials belongs to the Government Documents Librarian. However, bibliographers in all subject areas review government material periodically as well.

Public Service

The Government Documents librarian, as well as the other reference librarian staff are available for consultation during normal business hours.

Interdisciplinary Elements of Subject Area
Primary areas include: education; health; vital statistics; demography and population; Congress; industry and commerce; labor and international trade. However, the breadth of government documents coverage supports most disciplines.

Formats and Types of Materials

The department now collects material primarily in electronic format.  It is accessible through databases such as ProQuest Congressional, the Monthly Catalog, and Holmes, the library's main finding aid.


Most materials collected are in the English language.

Geographic Area Coverage

The collection covers both U.S. and International areas.

Time Periods

The depository collection is mainly a current documents collection but also has some historical publications (particularly in the area of Congressional publications).

Dates of Publication

Current publications are acquired. A limited number of earlier titles, both book and serials, are purchased as needed for replacement purposes.