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Economics Collection

Barbara Mento
Economics Bibliographer

Collection Overview

The collection supports the research and teaching needs of faculty and students in the Economics Department. Areas of economic concentration which are particularly strong in the Library's collection are microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, econometrics, economic development, monetary economics, industrial organization, international trade, public sector economics, labor, finance, and international economics. The management and economics collections overlap strongly in areas of finance, industrial organization and international trade. The Government Documents collection provides access to United States Massachusetts and United Nations materials. Collection strengths and weaknesses reflect changes in the research and instructional programs of the university.

Undergraduate Programs: The primary objective of the undergraduate program is to provide a critical examination and analytic foundation of the economic system in the United States and throughout the world. A wide range of fields may be studied: money and banking, fiscal policy, international trade, international finance, law and economics, public sector economics, economic development, American economic history, capital theory and finance, comparative economic systems, labor economics, statistics, econometrics, industrial organization, history of economic thought, modern political economy, regulations, transportation economics and urban economics. A Bachelor of Science degree is awarded to undergraduates.

Graduate Programs: The graduate program leads to a Ph.D. and emphasizes a strong background in economic theory, quantitative research methods, and applied fields based on a standard mathematical approach.  |  View selected resources »

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Interdisciplinary Elements of Subject Area
The subject areas of this collection are related to those of the management, history, political science, government documents, and sociology collections. The O'Neill Library is designated a United States government selective depository library, which greatly enhances the economics collection of print, microform, and electronic materials.

Formats and Types of Materials
The library collects research level monographs and journals in print and electronic formats. Electronic format is preferred for journals providing the version meets standard criteria  such as comparable content and quality of images. All major statistical and economic indexes and abstracts are electronic subscriptions with links to the library’s full text collection whenever possible. The Library subscribes to various numeric databases from Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) Standard and Poor’s, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), World Bank, International Monetary Fund. Databases are frequently ordered at the request of the faculty or PhD candidates. Working papers are primarily collected in electronic format. The library subscribes to the WRDS interface to provide access to statistical data in standard formats.

Most materials collected are in the English language.

Geographic Area Coverage
Geographic considerations are secondary to subject areas. Comparative economic, industry, and organization studies and statistics are collected on a national or international basis, particularly for OECD member countries.

Time Periods
Acquisitions emphasize current research interests. The areas of historical interest are purchased by the history bibliographer.

Dates of Publication
Current publications are acquired. A limited number of earlier titles, both book and serials, are purchased as needed for replacement purposes.