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Data and Statistics Collection

Barbara Mento
Data/Statistics Bibliographer

The Boston College Libraries acquire data to meet the research and teaching needs of Boston College. Data purchases support both current and potential user demand across a broad range of programs in the social sciences, business, education, nursing and the sciences. The library supports both one time purchase and subscription data. The library will also purchase all accompanying documentation to support data when possible. The library will also harvest and archive freely distributed data based on the needs of the Boston College community. Data purchases are reviewed for quality and format by Information Technology Services Research Services partners, subject bibliographers and faculty liaisons.  Current collection strengths are in the areas of Health Care, Social and Economic Indicators, Education and Census demographics in Geographic Information Systems format. | View selected resources ยป

Interdisciplinary Elements
Data purchases support all disciplines.

Formats and Types of Materials
Data must be in formats compatible with software and hardware supported by Boston College, including SPSS, Stata and SAS and Geographic Information Systems.

All codebooks must be in English.

Geographic  Area Coverage
The data and statistics collection is not limited by any geographic restriction.

Time Periods
Current and historical data are collected with a focus on time series and longitudinal/panel data.