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Classical Studies Collection


Jonas Barciauskas
Classical Studies Bibliographer

Collection Overview
The classical studies collection is developed to support the teaching of the Greek and Latin languages and the study of Greek and Latin literatures in the Classical Studies Department. Both BA and MA degrees are offered by the Department. Emphasis is placed on the classical periods for both languages and on the modern period for Greek. Literature is collected in translation to support comparative literary studies and introductory courses. Modern Greek literature and materials on modern Greek history and culture have been acquired by direct purchase in Greece, thanks to periodic visits by a member of the Department. Research and study in Classical Studies relies heavily on materials from other subject collections relevant to Classical Studies, e.g., Philosophy and History.

Rapid advances in computer and networking technology have resulted in the acquisition of significant electronic resources, including electronic versions of familiar classical studies indexes and digitized full-text editions of primary sources. Classical Studies has been a pioneer in the field of digitized texts and BC has the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, one of the earliest collections of electronic texts produced by modern scholarship. The classical studies collection program has emphasized acquisition of digitized information and texts when possible because they vastly improve a researcher's ability to identify and access research resources. | View selected resources ยป

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Interdisciplinary Elements of Subject Area
Because it includes the history and culture of anitquity as well as language and literature, the Classical Studies program is fundamentally an interdisciplinary one. History, the arts, theology, philosophy, and political science are particularly significant disciplines for students of the classical period. These disciplines are equally important for the modern Greek component of the program.

Formats and Types of Materials
Formats collected include print, electronic, microform, and audiovisual. Types of materials include monographs, serials, and reference works including major indexes, abstracts, catalogs, bibliographies, yearbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, research guides, and directories.

Classic works in Latin and Greek are collected as are modern works in Greek. Material about Greek and Latin literature and translations of classic works are collected mostly in the English language.

Geographic Area Coverage
The geographic area is determined by the subject: the world of antiquity and modern Greece.

Time Periods
The major emphasis of the collection is on the classical period in Western history with an additional focus on modern Greece. Some coverage is also given to the full span of Greek history from classical times to the present.

Dates of Publication
Nearly all editions of classical texts and critical interpretations that are acquired are current imprints.