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Boston College Libraries Personal Librarian Program

The Personal Librarian Program connects each entering freshman with a member of the Boston College Libraries staff to welcome him or her  and introduce him or her to the variety of services, spaces, and resources the libraries have to offer. The Personal Librarian answers questions about using the library, and supports students through reference and referral in their first academic year.

Contact your personal librarian:

Residence Hall Personal Librarian Email
Cheverus Kathy Williams
Claver Nancy Adams
Fitzpatrick Shannon MacDowell
Duchesne East Amy Howard
Duschesne West Steve Runge
Fenwick Laurie Mayville
Cushing Adeane Bregman
Gonzaga Lori Shemanski
Hardley Barbara Mento
Keyes North Cindy Jones
Keyes South Leslie Homzie
Kostka Nina Bogdanovsky
Loyola Sonia Ensins
Medeiros Jonas Barciauskas
Shaw Enid Karr
Williams Enid Karr
Xavier Enid Karr