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New Publications from Sociology Professor Kimberly Hoang


Sociology Professor Kimberly Hoang is the editor of a newly published book, Human Trafficking Reconsidered: Rethinking the Problem, Envisioning New Solutions, is an edited collection commissioned by Open Society that she is the lead editor on with Professor Rhacel Parrenas. This volume expands the literature on human trafficking through the lens of migration and forced labor. A focus on forced labor avoids conflating trafficking with prostitution, and calls attention to the susceptibility of a wide range of migrant workers (agricultural, construction, factory, and domestic), to understand the structures and systems that render migrant workers vulnerable to human trafficking.

Professor Hoang has also recently published an article in the journal Gender & Society. The article is titled "Competing Technologies of Embodiment: Pan-Asian Modernity and Third World Dependency in Vietnam's Contemporary Sex Industry."