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24 Hours Begin 04/21


O’Neill Library, will be open 24/7 beginning on Monday, April 21 and continue through Tuesday, May 13 at 11pm. Gargan Hall begins 24/7 starting Monday, April 21 at 5pm through Tuesday, May 13 at 5pm.   

Additional study space will be available in O’Neill Library during the 24/7. Below is a list of rooms and times they will be available for student use.

From 6pm to 7am

  • Conference rooms 413 and 406 (both have flat screens)
  • Classrooms 211 (tablet arm chairs, subdued lighting)

From 9pm to 7am

  • Connors Family Learning Center (seating at round tables)


  • Classroom 307 (pc’s at each workstation, printing to Pharos) Unless booked for instruction
  • Conference Room 132