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Extra! Extra!

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Following a year-long digitization project, the Libraries are happy to announce that The Heights student newspaper of Boston College is now available online from the first issue in 1919 through 2010! It's browse-able, searchable, printable, save-able, and email-able. The Heights is useful for the same reason other newspapers are: it provides a local, contemporary perspective of issues of local, regional, national, or international import. The Heights is written in the voice of Boston College students, a voice often difficult to find even in the archival record. What were BC students writing about economics, WWII, Vietnam, womenâ s rights, tuition prices, or job prospects in any given year? How does that compare to reporting on the same issues in the Boston Globe or New York Times at the time? When combined with the other BC history materials now online, the researcher interested in any number of Boston College topics has a critical mass of information available remotely.

(Image source Newspapers stock photos on Flickr)