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What’s Happening on Level 1?


What is happening to O’Neill Level 1?

The floor is being renovated and more user space created. Blue shelves are being removed and additional bathrooms built. Vending machines and booths will remain during the renovations although it may be a noisy place to study. Renovations should be completed by August 17.

Will the Level 1 door be open all summer and the elevator available?

The Level 1 entrance will remain open during the renovations and the elevator accessible. This entrance will also be accessible when the Level 3 ramp entrance from the direction of the parking garage is restricted during the plaza construction. If anything changes we will definitely alert everyone. The service desk will continue to be staffed.

Where Can You Print?

All printing is now located on Level 3 (the main level). Printers and computers will return after the renovations are completed.

Where are the microfilm reader machines?

Microfilm machines are being replaced and updated. New machines are being added and there will be readers on this floor in the Fall. New machines are now (or will be) located on Level 3 (the main level) near the Technology Center and the Interlibrary Loan Office. The microfilm collection is expected to be available to users during the summer.  If construction makes it unavailable at any time, staff will be able to retrieve microfilm for users.

Where are the books and DVDs that used to be on Level 1 – the popular collections?

The DVDs and popular books are now on Level 3 (the main level).