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2015 News Item

Course Reserves downtime

August 3, 2015 -

Online course reserves will be down for maintenance tonight from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m.

cover of book
Faculty Publication Highlight

July 6, 2015 -

Intellectual Shamans By Sandra Waddock, based on the work and lives of 28 very well-known management academics, describes what it means to be an intellectual shaman. It provides insight into the career paths and the sometimes maverick behavior that has allowed these individuals to achieve success. Click here to read more about Intellectual Shamans.

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New Faculty Publication Highlight

June 23, 2015 -

Seán Lemass is generally regarded as the man most responsible for the modernisation of Irish society. This book, written by Robert J. Savage, considers how Lemass evolved as a key figure in Fianna Fail governments and later to become one of the most influential leaders of twentieth-century Ireland. Click here to read more about Seán Lemass.

Work from Two Bodies book cover
Faculty Publication Highlight

June 8, 2015 -

Work from Two Bodies reproduces 43 photographs from two independent projects by professor Karl Baden; Cliché-Verre and Shadow Pictures, 1983-84 (shown at Blue Sky Gallery in January 1985), and Sex, Death and the History of Photography, 1988-9 (shown at Blue Sky Gallery in October 1989). Click here to read more about Karl Baden's book.

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Latest Faculty Publication Highlight

May 27, 2015 -

Mass spectrometry has long served as an invaluable tool for detection of type and concentration of chemicals present in carefully-prepared laboratory samples. Click here to read more about Dr. Mark Domin's latest work, Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry.

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New Faculty Publication Highlight

Professor David Twomey researches & publishes in the area of labor & employment law. His research & publication interests also extend to contract law, intellectual property rights, business organizations, corporate governance, franchising & international business transactions. Read more about our interview with Professor Twomey.

Summer BC Library Newsletter!

May 13, 2015 -

Read Tom Wall on some Library changes, initiatives, programs and partnerships; Chris Staysniak & Kasper Volk on the New Sommervogel, an online bibliography covering Jesuit Studies; Jane Morris on a new affordable course materials initiative; These articles & more from the Boston College Libraries Newsletter!

New Issue of The Levantine Review now available

May 7, 2015 -

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue, Vol 4. No. 1, 2015, of The Levantine Review, Boston College's flagship Near Eastern and Mediterranean Studies journal, published by the department of Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures and the Program in Linguistics, and in conjunction with the Boston College Libraries.

Book cover
Faculty Publication Highlight

May 5, 2015 -

The Companion to Ignatius of Loyola aims at placing Loyola in a broader context of important late medieval & early modern movements that have been appreciated too little by historians. Learn more about Professor Robert Maryks' latest publication.  

Affordable Course Materials

April 29, 2015 -

Affordable Course Materials Initiative grant applications are due May 8.

New BC Libraries Web site

A beta version of the new Libraries Web site is available at Please take a look and tell us what you think.

Submit your Undergraduate Thesis

April 17, 2015 -

The Boston College Libraries encourage undergraduate honors students to make their senior theses available online through eScholarship@BC. Please see the deposit instructions for more information.

New Faculty Publication Highlight

In Losing Touch with Nature, Professor Mary Crane examines the complex way that the new science's threat to intuitive Aristotelian notions of the natural world was treated and reflected in the work of Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, and other early modern writers. Click here to learn more!

Faculty Publication Highlight

April 7, 2015 -

In this analysis, James Cronin explores the reconfiguration of western foreign policy that was necessitated by the interlinked crises of the 1970s and the resulting global shift toward open markets. Click here to read about Global Rules: America, Britain and a Disordered World.

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Enter the 2015 GIS Contest

March 16, 2015 -

Share your work with Geographic Information Systems in our 6th Annual GIS Mapping Contest. Winning posters will be displayed in the O'Neill Library. Prizes of Amazon gift certificate will be awarded to entries. Submissions deadline extended until April 10! Read our PDF to learn more!

New Faculty Publication Highlight

March 24, 2015 -

For many goods & services such as electricity, health care, or cellular phone service, the price of the next unit of service depends on past usage. As a result, consumers who are inattentive to their past usage may remain uncertain about the price of the next unit. Click here to read Selected Articles on Regulation & Cellular Phone Bill Shock by Michael D. Grubb.

Public Lecture 03/24: Outside the Empire

March 24, 2015 -

The Center for Irish Programs and the Boston College University Libraries cordially invite you to attend Professor Bracken's lecture in the Thompson Room of the Burns Library on Tuesday March 24 at 4:30pm.

Study Space Survey, O'Neill 3rd Floor

March 12, 2015 -

Have you used the tables near the O'Neill 3rd floor printing & technology area? We would like to know how that works for you, in order to make spaces in the library serve users better. Please fill out this online survey or a paper survey (available on the study tables and at the technology help desk until 3/17/15).

Affordable Course Materials

March 10, 2015 -

In order to address the escalating cost of academic resources, the Provost & University Libraries are piloting an initiative to support faculty who revise their curriculum to include high quality affordable materials to support student learning at minimal cost. Click here to read more.  

New Faculty Publication Highlight

March 10, 2015 -

Tracing the origins & development of the Minaret, Professor Bloom reveals that this iconic element of Islamic architecture, long understood to have been invented in the early years of Islam, was actually invented some two centuries later to be a visible symbol of Islam. Click here to learn more about The Minaret.

Faculty Publication Highlight

February 23, 2015 -

The Catholic Church in the United States & Europe has seen declining numbers both in regular attendance & in clergy. Scandals have torn at people's allegiance, & feelings of disappointment, disillusion, & anger have become widespread. Read more about The Crisis of Confidence in the Catholic Church by Raymond G. Helmick, S.J.

Spring 2015 BC Libraries Newsletter

February 9, 2015 -

Read Tom Wall on the new eScholarship@BC, BC’s digital repository; Enid Karr on user-created “collections” in HathiTrust; David Richtmyer and Kathleen Williams on two fascinating Irish related volumes recently acquired by Burns Library; David Horn on the Emmet Larkin Papers, a large and varied collection of the papers of the famous American historian of nineteenth century Irish Catholicism; Brendan Rapple on a recent digital acquisition: the Loeb Classical Library. These articles & more from the Boston College Libraries Newsletter.

Look Behind You!

February 23, 2015 -

Join us for a multimedia performance on Northern Ireland’s Troubles by Steafán Hanvey. Monday, February 23, 2015 at 7:00pm on the Brighton Campus.

New Faculty Publication Highlight

January 14, 2015 -

Many of today's most troubling environmental & economic issues have come to seem insoluble: carbon emissions, overshoot, inequality, joblessness, & a dysfunctional food system. Through a fascinating array of illuminating case studies, Sustainable Lifestyles and the Quest for Plentitude: Case Studies of the New Economy - edited by Juliet B. Schor & Crag J. Thompson - affirms that we can. Click here to learn more!

Browse Journals on Browzine

January 13, 2015 -

Stay current in your field of study. Download BrowZine to read scholarly journals from your tablet or smartphone.

2014 News Items

Faculty Publication Highlight

December 17, 2014 -

Leaving Russia: A Jewish Story by Maxim D. Shrayer is a memoir of coming of age & struggling to leave the USSR. Shrayer chronicles the triumphs & humiliations of a Soviet childhood and expresses the dreams & fears of a Jewish family that never gave up its hopes for a better life. Click here to read more!

New Faculty Publication Highlight

December 11, 2014 -

When Abraham Lincoln helped create the Republican Party on the eve of the Civil War, his goal was to promote economic opportunity for all Americans. Yet, despite the egalitarian dream at the heart of its founding, the Republican Party quickly became mired in a fundamental identity crisis. Read more about To Make Men Free: A History of the Republican Party, by Heather Cox Richardson.

New Open Access Journal

December 9, 2014 -

Romance eReview is a peer-reviewed graduate journal of literary &cultural criticism, published annually by the Department of Romance Languages & Literatures at Boston College. The journal is edited & managed by the graduate students of the Master’s program. It is also among the growing number of open access publications now published in collaboration with the Boston College University Libraries. Check out our complete list of Open Access Journals.

Faculty Publication Highlight

December 9, 2014 -

What does the heroine seek from the hero in a romance – self enhancement or self-sharing? Submission or dominance? A place in this world or a world apart? Read more about Women Writers and the Hero of Romance, by Judith Wilt.

Brand New Faculty Publication Highlight

December 3, 2014 -

Can romance novels offer insight into how Jamaicans living outside of Jamaica come to know themselves as "Jamaican" & as part of a Jamaican diaspora? Rhonda Frederick's essay, Making Jamaican Love: Colin Channer's Waiting in Vain and Romance-ified Diaspora Identities, tackles these questions. Click here to read more!


24 Hours Begin 12/01

December 1, 2014 -

O’Neill Library is now open 24/7 through Sat, Dec. 20 at 5pm. Gargan Hall begins 24/7 on Fri, Dec. 5 at 8am & it continues through Fri, Dec. 19 at midnight. Additional study space will be available at O’Neill Library during the 24/7 period. Click here for a list of rooms and times available for student use.


New Faculty Publication Highlight

December 1, 2014 -

In Handbook of the International Political Economy of Trade, David A. Deese brings together leading researchers & writers from different countries & disciplines in a coherent framework to highlight the most important & promising research & policy questions regarding international trade. Click here to learn more!

Faculty Publication Highlight!

November 18, 2014 -

Conflict Bodies: The Politics of Rape Representation in the Francophone Imaginary, by professor Régine Michelle Jean-Charles, explores the relationship between rape & narratives of violence in francophone literature and culture. Click here to learn more.

New Faculty Publication Highlight

October 27, 2014 -

Michalczyk and Helmick have a particular interest in conflict resolution, and in Through a Lens Darkly: Films of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing, they combine their expertise to create a well-crafted, informative collection of essays on the role of film in conveying the horrors of genocide and myriad human rights violations over the past two centuries. Click here to read more!

Celebrate GIS day at the O'Neill Library

November 19, 2014 -

Browse posters on the 2nd and 3rd floor of O’Neill with samples of GIS applications and its use at Boston College. Learn more about Geographic Information Systems and how this powerful data mapping tool can enhance your research. Pick up a flyer with details for entering our "Sixth Annual BC GIS 2015 Contest" at the reference desk. Click here for more!

Fall Libraries Newsletter

October 3, 2014 -

Read Tom Wall on the Library’s support for the digital scholarship of faculty and students; Dr. Sylvia Sellers-Garcia on her Spring 2014 "Making History Public" class and its collaboration with Burns Library; Emily Toner on the move of eScholarship@BC, BC's institutional repository, to a new online platform later this fall. These articles & more from the Boston College Libraries Newsletter.

Faculty Publication Highlight!

October 16, 2014 -

Through close analysis of these seven cases, legal historian Alan Rogers explores the conflict between religious principles and secular laws that seek to protect children from abuse and neglect. Click here to learn more about The Child Cases: How America’s Religious Exemption Laws Harm Children.

Latest Faculty Publication Highlight

October 1, 2014 -

The Credo Series, by Professor Thomas Groome, comprises eleven textbooks – seven already published and four in progress – that together constitute a comprehensive presentation of the Catholic faith for use in high schools and youth ministry programs. Click here to learn more!

New Open Access Journal

October 1, 2014 -

Lingua Frankly: Boston College working papers in linguistics is a student-run, open access journal showcasing original research papers, book reviews, and other works of interest by both graduate and undergraduate students in topics related to Linguistics and the study of language.

New Faculty Publication Highlight

September 18, 2014 -

Keith's Radio Station offers a concise and insightful guide to all aspects of radio operations, explaining the functions performed within every professionally managed station. Now in its ninth edition, this book continues its long tradition of guiding readers to a solid understanding of who does what, when, and why. Click here to read more.

Databases System Downtime on Friday

October 25, 2014 -

Metalib (the Online Databases system) is back online.

New Open Access Journal

September 10, 2014 -

The University Libraries are supporting a new open access journal on our publishing platform. The International Journal of African Higher Education is peer-reviewed and aims to advance knowledge, promote research, and provide a forum for policy analysis on higher education issues in the African continent. More...

New Faculty Publication Highlight

September 3, 2014 -

Cynthia Young in Black Ops: Black Masculinity and the War on Terror" argues that pop culture representations of black masculinity over the last ten years have worked to justify the US war on terror by paradoxically linking the civil rights movement and the larger history of US racial oppression to US Empire. Click here to learn more!

Bapst Opening Late, Sunday 9/14

September 11, 2014 -

Due to an electrical shutdown on Sunday September 14, 2014 Bapst Library will not open until 4PM. This work is needed for the St. Mary's construction. We apologize for any inconvenience.

O'Neill 24/5 Study Space

September 1, 2014 -

O'Neill Library will replace Gargan Hall in the Bapst Library as the BC Libraries’ 24/5 study space. The O'Neill Library will be open continuously Sundays - Thursdays. It will close at 10pm on Fridays & Saturdays. This change will provide late-night access to a variety of study spaces as well as our extensive collections & services.

Faculty Publication Highlight

August 19, 2014 -

The Spanish Empire is famous for being the realm upon which "the sun never set." Yet we know relatively little about how Spain managed to move that crucial currency of governance over such enormous distances. Click here to read about Sylvia Sellers-García's book, Distance and Documents at the Spanish Empire's Periphery.

New Faculty Publication Highlight

August 1, 2014 -

Rekindling the Christic Imagination: Theological Meditations for the New Evangelization, by professor Robert P. Imbelli, discusses the Second Vatican Council which marked the beginning of the New Evangelization. It sought to communicate the Gospel's perennial newness to the contemporary world in a spirit of joy and hope. Click here to learn more.


July 29, 2014 -

Stay current in your field of study. Use BrowZine to read scholarly journals from your iPad and Android tablet.

Latest Faculty Publication Highlight

July 22, 2014 -

Missing Class: Strengthening Social Movement Groups by Seeing Class Cultures By Betsy Leondar-Wright is the first comprehensive empirical study of US activist class cultures, it looks at class dynamics in 25 groups that span the gamut of social movement organizations in the United States today. Click here to read more!

New from Professor Hoang

July 15, 2014 -

Sociology Professor Kimberly Hoang is the editor of a newly published book, Human Trafficking Reconsidered: Rethinking the Problem, Envisioning New Solutions. She has also published the following article in Gender & Society: "Competing Technologies of Embodiment: Pan-Asian Modernity and Third World Dependency in Vietnam's Contemporary Sex Industry"

Faculty Publication Highlight

July 9, 2014 -

Professor Peter Krause explains variation in the use and effectiveness of political violence in the journal International Security, in his article The Structure of Success: How the Internal Distribution of Power Drives Armed Group Behavior and National Movement Effectiveness.

VPN & Remote Access Changes

June 30, 2014 -

With the move to Eagle VPN you will need to use proxied links to access online resources from off-campus. Learn about the Proxy Bookmarklet and other great tools to help. 

Databases System Downtime on Friday

October 25, 2014 -

Metalib (the Online Databases system) will be down for maintainence from 7am to 8am on Friday, September 26. Access to all online databases will be unaffected. Users can search for a database in Holmes and connect directly to the native database interface.

Faculty Publication Highlight!

June 5, 2014 -

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women, editing by Professor Natana J. DeLong-Bas, provides current information on the major topics of scholarly interest within the study of Islam and women. Organized around the central conceptual themes in research on Islam and women, this work examines the scholarship on Islam and women that has expanded over the past 20 years. Click here to read more!

A New Home for IHE

May 23, 2014 -

International Higher Education (IHE), published by BC's Center for International Higher Education, is now hosted by the Libraries at eScholarship@BC. IHE joins the growing number of open access publications now published in collaboration with the Boston College University Libraries. Check out our complete list of Open Access Journals. Click here to read more.

New Faculty Publication Highlight

May 29, 2014 -

Roman Jakobson: Critical Assessment of Leading Linguists, edited by Professor Margaret Thomas, brings together the best analysis of the work of one of the 20th Century's most versatile and influential language scholars. Click here to learn more!

Summer Libraries' Newsletter!

May 14, 2014 -

Read Tom Wall’s reflections on the accomplishments of BC Libraries over the past 5 years; Brendan Rapple on the database The Letters of Matthew Arnold; Justine Sundaram on the 1000+ students who visited the Burns Library over the past year for instructional sessions. These articles & more from the Boston College Libraries Newsletter.

New Faculty Publication Highlight

May 13, 2014 -

Vulnerability is not often associated with virtue. Yet to be vulnerable is central to human experience. In Wounded Heroes: Vulnerability as a Virtue in Ancient Greek Literature and Philosophy, Marina Berzins McCoy examines ways in which Greek epic, tragedy, and philosophy have important insights to offer about the nature of human vulnerability and how human beings might better come to terms with their own vulnerability. Click here to read more!

Faculty Publication Highlight!

May 6, 2014 -

As any homeowner knows, the prospect of embarking on a renovation project is both exciting and scary. Will the finished space function as it was envisioned? Will it be both comfortable & aesthetically pleasing? Will the project be completed on time & within budget? Innovations and Renovations: Designing the Teaching Laboratory by Lynne A. O'Connell discusses these questions & more!

24 Hours Begin 04/21

April 21, 2014 -

O’Neill Library, will be open 24/7 beginning on Monday, April 21 & continue through Tuesday, May 13 at 11pm. Gargan Hall begins 24/7 starting Monday, April 21 at 5pm through Tuesday, May 13 at 5pm. Additional study space will be available in O’Neill Library during the 24/7.  Click here for a list of rooms & times that will be available for student use.

2014 GIS Contest Winners!

April 14, 2014 -

It is with great pleasure that the Boston College Libraries announce the winners of the Fifth Annual Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Contest at Boston College. The response this year was impressive in the relevance, variety of topics and the attention to social justice and environmental issues. Prizes were awarded to both graduate and undergraduate entries with a third place tie for graduate submissions. Click here to read more.

Inspired Menu

April 24, 2014 -

Tonight, as part of their Featured Chef Series, Dining Services is offering  a menu inspired by the Burns Library's "Are You Being Served? Historical Menus From the Archives" exhibit. Drop by the Burns Library to see what’s on the menu, then make a reservation at the Faculty Dining Room to find out what mock turtle soup really tastes like!

Faculty Publication Highlight!

April 4, 2014 -

Hope: Promise, Possibility, and Fulfillment - edited by Professor Richard Lennan and Professor Nancy Pineda-Madrid - addresses both the possibility that hope offers and the capacity of hope to respond to the challenges that life presents to us all. What is particular to this book is that it offers a theology of hope. Click here to learn more!

Losing Sleep over Bibliographies?

April 1, 2014 -

If keeping track of citations and making bibliographies are stealing time from your other pursuits, sign up for these workshops coming up at O'Neill Library:
Citations: Why, When, How
RefWorks: Automate Citations!
Workshops begin April 7 & will be offered weekdays at various times through April 16.

BC GIS Contest deadline April 2nd, 2014

March 27, 2014 -

There is still time to submit your GIS project and win an Amazon gift certificate! Click here for contest rules. For more information click here.

Java Popup Issues

March 28, 2014 -

Users trying to access Blackboard or Agora from library computers may get a pop-up telling them to upgrade JAVA. This will be corrected during the summer when Blackboard is replaced by Canvas. In the meantime, users can just click through all of the messages & will be able to access the sites.

Faculty Publication Highlight

March 21, 2014 -

The Barber of Damascus: Nouveau Literacy in the Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Levant by Dr. Dana Sajdi is about a barber, Shihab al-Din Ahmad Ibn Budayr, in Damascus in the 18th century. The barber may have been a "nobody," but he wrote a history book, a record of the events that took place in his city during his lifetime. Click here to learn more!

Elizabeth Hayward Collection of Ursuline Academy

March 14, 2014 -

A collection of primary source documents regarding a nineteenth century Boston-area fire is now online. The Elizabeth Hayward Collection of Ursuline Academy material held by the John J. Burns Library was recently digitized. Click here to learn more

Faculty Publication Highlight!

March 6, 2014 -

Andrew Sofer's new book, Dark Matter, maps the invisible dimension of theater whose effects are felt everywhere in performance. Examining phenomena such as hallucination, offstage character, offstage action, sexuality, masking, technology, and trauma, Sofer engagingly illuminates the invisible in different periods of postclassical western theater and drama. Click here to learn more!

New issue of the Libraries Newsletter

February 13, 2014 -

Read Tom Wall's announcement of the establishment of an Open Access Publishing Fund, a pilot program funded by the Provost's Office and administered by the University Libraries; Bridget Burke on the performance of Christobal de Morales' Missarum Liber Primus; Brendan Rapple on the database The Vogue Archive; Kevin Tringale on the growing number of exhibits sponsored by BC Libraries. These articles and more from the Boston College Libraries Newsletter.

New Faculty Publication Highlight

February 20, 2014 -

Dr. Amy Boesky and the contributors to The Story Within: Personal Essays on Genetics and Identity share powerful experiences of living with genetic disorders. Their stories illustrate the complexities involved in making decisions about genetic diseases. Click here to read more!

Faculty Publication Highlight

February 3, 2014 -

Peter Skerry’s research focuses on social policy, racial and ethnic politics, and immigration. His writings have appeared in a variety of scholarly and general interest publications! In this interview Professor Skerry talks about immigration and his proposal to break the U.S. deadlock on immigration reform. Click here to learn more!

Music Score Exhibit in O’Neill Lobby

January 22, 2014 -

Visit the new exhibit of music scores in the O’Neill Library Lobby. The exhibit includes a facsimile of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, examples of scores and recordings by the BC Music Faculty, and more. Click here for the accompanying webpage

Faculty Publication Highlight!

January 23, 2014 -

Beyond government structures, the relationship between the political realm and Christianity has always involved the important questions of how we ought to live together. In his new book, Christianity and the Political Order: Conflict, Cooptation, and Cooperation, Kenneth R. Himes notes that politics must be "guided by considerations of national and global justice and peace and, for Christians, by the teachings of Jesus," as interpreted by tradition. Click here to learn more!

New Issue of The Levantine Review now available

January 6, 2014 -

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of The Levantine Review, Boston College's flagship Near Eastern and Mediterranean Studies journal, published by the department of Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures and the Program in Linguistics, and in conjunction with the Boston College Libraries.