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Library Advisory Committee

about the libraries

The Library Advisory Committee is appointed by the Provost and is composed of faculty, graduate and undergraduate student representatives, and the University Librarian.  The role of the Library Advisory Committee is to offer advice to the University Librarian on issues of importance in the policies and the development of the Libraries and their contribution to the mission of the University.

The Library Advisory Committee will exercise its own discretion about its agenda and the frequency of its meetings, and it will elect its own chair.  The normal term of appointment for members will be three years, with one-third of the members to be replaced through appointments by the Provost each year.  The University Librarian will serve as a permanent member of the Committee.


Current Members

Tom Wall
University Librarian

Jane Morris
Scholarly Communication Librarian, O'Neill Library

Avner Ash
Professor, Mathematics

Natasha Sarkisian
Professor, Sociology

Christina Klein
Associate Professor, English

Robin Wood
Associate Professor, Adult Health Nursing

Filippa Anzalone
Associate Dean, Library and Computing Services; Professor, Law School

Jean Bartunek
Professor, The Ferris Professorship Chair
Organization Studies, CSOM

Alec Peck
Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education
Teacher Education

Betty Blythe
Professor, Global Practice
Graduate School of Social Work

Elyse Purcell
Student, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Class of 2012

Erika Hernandez
Student, College of Arts & Sciences
Class of 2011